Monday, April 22, 2013

Get ready for murder,mystery and mayhem with "Mummy Cop"

"Mummy Cop is about the adventures of an average everyday detective...who happens to be a mummy. This season of Mummy Cop details the aftermath of crime lord Don Canoli's death, his daughter Lisa Canoli (Kim Graf) has stepped up in his place and has taken over the city's crime empire. Mummy Cop (Antonio Piluso) has to bring Lisa to justice but must also face his superiors such as The Mayor (James Royale), The Chief (Phil Calabro) and District Attorney Dracula (Seth Linehan). With a little help from Franken Fed (Erik Searle) he will make sure justice gets served. Get ready for murder, mystery, mayhem, MUMMY COP!"

I found out about "Mummy Cop" through Twitter and I'm already overly enthused. This is definitely the type of thing I'd watch.

It's spoofing the classic movies while giving a modern take and twist. This is definitely a show you make popcorn for and prepare to laugh. You have to love shows and movies that pay homage to the classics. That's what keeps the classics alive and adds to their immortality. Showing how they still, in this day and age, influence work being done is proof that the classics will forever live on.

"Mummy Cop" is a creative idea as a whole and that works for me. I can't wait to watch it. Independent films/shows are things that are done out of pure love for the genre. So you have to have respect for those that can get it right.

Who doesn't like seeing their favorite classic monsters whenever they can? Especially when it's done in some new light, with new perspective whilst also staying true to it's original core.

This is guaranteed to keep us laughing and entertained. So if you're as into horror humor as me, send a donation to these guys to help this happen. Just watch the trailer and see for yourself. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

To visit the site and view the trailer click here.

To visit the Facebook page click here

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And to make a donation click here


  1. Nice words about independent films/tv shows. This certainly does look like it'll be alot of fun. Nice post!

    1. Yeah, I don't have anything against indie horror, just a lot of the time they're bad. Some do get it right though, that's certain.

  2. Ill be the first to agree with you, alot of it is terrible, but there are some real gems among the trash.


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