Monday, July 8, 2013

Sledge Is A Good Old-Fashioned American Slasher Film


Synopsis taken from IMDb
Sledge hits you from the beginning with humor and originality. Opening with Assly's True American Horror television program, the action kicks off instantly with skull crushing deaths from the killer, Adam Lynch. Adam believes he is in a movie and video game that he has created in his head.

After briefly speaking with writer and co-director, Kristian Hansen, I immediately became interested in the film "Sledge". Due to my interest, Kristian sent me the screener, so I could see the film for myself. Let me state that I do not write generous or kind reviews for films because I was allowed to view the screener. It doesn't get you an automatic good write-up. I am avid about horror, and will always be totally, and completely honest in my reviews and writing. If I'm not honest, than what I do is pointless.

That being said, I really liked this film! I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting into, but I was ready nonetheless. I liked that that though this film has a small budget, it was spent wisely. It doesn't come off as cheap and poor as other low-budget or independent films do most of the time. The lighting is the thing I first noticed about the film, because it was up to par. Having a well lit scene is everything, and this film didn't miss that little fact.

This is a good old-fashioned American slasher film. The scenery is a large wooded area, and the victims are campers. So, this isn't anything new in those terms, but what really makes this film stand out, is that it's supposed to be the way it is. The point of this film is to be a fun slasher film, like the ones we all like and enjoy from throughout the decades. This film is a true shout-out to genre fans, just like the "Hatchet" series.

Another thing that makes the film stand apart from others, is that the killer, Adam Lynch, actually talks, and he's very funny. A lot of good one liners are caught from the mouth of the protagonist, and it's a lot of fun. It's not everyday that you see a film with a killer that talks. The last slasher I saw where the killer talked was "The Orphan Killer", and despite how popular that film is, I didn't care for it. I liked the fact that the killer spoke, but if I were to say any criticism about it, it would be that I think he speaks a bit too much. Other than that, his dialog is a good aspect of the film.

I really liked Adam lynch's mask as well! It looks like a twisted Slipknot mask. Very wicked looking! Like most slashers, his outfit isn't anything noteworthy, but the mask makes up for it all.

There's actually good dialog in this film, to bring up another thing this film got right. Too many horror films, or movies of any genre, get dialog way off. Bad writing makes you disconnected from the characters. However, the characters in this film aren't people you can necessarily relate to. It's funny, because a lot of newer films get bashed for such lack of character development, but there's a bunch of older films that are the same way. This film fits right in with the slasher films we all love and adore, and takes its place along side them.

The gore is really tastefully done, and something other horror films should look to for clues on what and what not to do. This film isn't beefed up with bad effects, most of the shots cut away before you see anything. All you see the the aftermath of blood, and body parts. Even though the film is funny, they kept the cheese toned down on the effects and gore, which is a really nice touch. This proves to be a film that used it's resources properly and intelligently.

When you see the film, you'll notice that there is some horror film references, which I thought was a nice addition. Most memorably, "Jeepers Creepers" gets a nod.

The whole time the feature plays, we're taken out of the scene to see that it's a film that is being watched by a young, attractive woman. In the end, it all tied together really well. And I have to be honest, I was really hoping the film would end a certain way, and it actually did. This was very pleasing because it made a really good ending. It's the cherry on top of the bloody cake. I almost stood up and clapped, and had I been in a theater, I would have.

The only criticism I have for this film, is that I feel the killer talks a bit too much. I love that he talks, as I mentioned before, but I feel his lines could have been cut back a little. Also, there is some overacting that happens during the film, most notably in the beginning sequence. And other than a little bit of forced dialog here and there, this film is all around bloody well done. And an overall solid horror movie, that can be enjoyed by anyone who's a fan of the genre. "Sledge" film leaves it's mark on you.
Plain and simple, this is a film for the true horror fans.


  1. I will be checking this one out! Looks awesome!

  2. Actually sounds like fun. Slashers are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

    1. When this comes out, grab it man. It's really freaking awesome!


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