Thursday, July 11, 2013

Terror Trap (2010)


Synopsis taken from IMDb
While driving at night on a lonely road, the car of estranged couple Don and Nancy is hit twice by another car in the middle of nowhere. Nancy asks for help and the unpleasant sheriff Cleavland offers to take them to the nearby Motel Royal Vista and wait until the morning, when their car would be towed. When the couple arrive in the low-budget motel, they are attended by a weird receptionist. They are disturbed by noises and screams from inside the next room and Don asks them to keep quiet since his wife and he are tired and need to rest. But soon they realize that they are part of a sick and deadly game, and their lives are threatened.

Now, being that I was on a role of good horror films until I started clearing off my queue on Netflix, I wasn't very pumped up to see this. It was really between choosing bad movie A and bad movie B, and this just happened to be bad movie A. 

The reason I even decided to do this film was because I saw that Jeff Fahey had a role in it, and I'm a huge fan of Fahey. He's such a talented actor that gets overlooked way too often. In everything I see him in, he seems to be a blast to be around. However and sadly, Mr. Fahey wasn't enough to salvage the wreck that is this movie.

First of all, I thought the title was "Tourist Trap" for some reason. I brain farted bad on that one, because I almost went in expecting this to be a remake of the 1979 horror film by that title. Once I figured out that had there been a remake of "Tourist Trap", I would have known, the proper name of the film read clear to me. 

Once the film started, I already knew I wasn't going to like it too much. It doesn't exactly have a great budget, and the quality of the film really suffers along with bad acting and dialog that was aggravatingly laughable. Not to praise the man because I'm a fan, but Fahey was the only exceptional role in the movie, and that's because he was classic Jeff Fahey.

Michael Madsen on the other hand, man, I don't know what's happened to this guy. He went from being in  some great stuff like "Reservoir Dogs" and "Species". Hell, "Thema and Louse" wasn't bad either! Now though, it seems as though I only see him when he's popping up in some low-budget film that's not worthy of his name being on it. Not to mention, he plays a "business" man again, dealing in illegal activity. Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films are the last films Madsen's been in that was worth a viewing.

 I'm still a fan of the guys, but I've gotta shoot it straight and be honest. He and Fahey are too good for this film.

There was no scares or jumps in this film. No suspense either. Just cheap, poorly done injuries and wounds that would have maybe looked better if they'd just used ketchup over the fake blood. I'm not one to go too harsh on a film, I believe in being constructively critical, I don't enjoy bashing people online to gain fans. But, there just wasn't anything to hold me to this movie. And I didn't like a single character.

The murders felt cheap, and the entertainment was missing. I didn't like the concept of the movie either. This overall, is one of those horror films that everyone will forget about in 2 years. And you'll find it in the discount bin on DVD, if it isn't already.

Well, I'm done being negative for the day. Hope I steered some of you clear of checking out this film. If I haven't, let the force be with you...

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