Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mask Maker (2010)


Synopsis taken from IMDb
When a young deformed boy witnesses his mothers death, he comes back to take revenge on anyone who dares enter his property.

First of all I'd like to say that one of the main reason I liked this film was because of its transparency, obviously taking signature movements, outfit and story from other classic horror films and icons. It came off to me as a salute to old school american horror, with heavy influences from Michael Myers, Leatherface and Jason Voorhees. It didn't try to outdo them or beat them, it took its own route and tipped its hat along the way.

The heaviest influence that was most obvious and memorable I'd have to say is from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006). The way the family was crazy and raising such a young boy in that surrounding as well as the boy being deformed definitely reminded me of that film. Not to mention how he cuts off peoples faces and wears them like masks... I think there's a point where it stops becoming a tilt of that hat and more of a ripoff, and while I can assure the story is far from original, I don't feel the ripoff vibe from this movie. Now, while I appreciate the movie, predictability is still cause for losing points in total rating of the film in my book. So while I liked the movie, I wasn't letting it slide that easily.

The killers manner in this movie is definitely taken from Michael Myers, even arguably Jason. Since Jason is technically a ripoff Michael I guess it's all one in the same at this point but who cares? They're legendary and this killer fits their profile. Not saying this killer is legendary at all, just saying he fits in around that crowd.

The only other film off the top of my head that I can think of that has imitated the classic slasher genre in a proper way is Malevolence (2004), which was a great film in my eyes and is a modern classic. It was followed by an even better sequel Bereavement (2010). This film doesn't do anything to make you drool over it, but it is well put together and shot.

Another very heavy influence was his relationship with his mother, total Jason Voorhees depict. There's even a scene at the end that is a mimic of the ending of Friday The 13TH: Part 2 (1981) where he is fooled by someone imitating his mother to lore him into a trap. And don't worry I didn't spoil anything, that's not the ending.

The acting was what you'd expect. I didn't mind it. The cast was good and the scenes worked. Wasn't the most convincing acting I've seen though, far from it.

And it was very cool to see Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes 1977 and The Devils Rejects (2005) make a cameo. It was short lived, but it was still a pleasure to see him on screen.

The kills in the movie were also reminiscent of former kills from slasher idols including a pitchfork scene sending you right into Friday The 13: Part 3. There was some some quality gore and kills which made this movie even better to enjoy. I mean, don't we all love that stuff? If you're reading this you do.

So even after miming of other classic slashers I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was an easy watch. Well done fellas. But this in no way is going to be the next slasher series in my true opinion. I don't think it has the manpower to generate what it would take to keep this going. It's not a big budget film so I don't see it getting a bigger budget.

And if they're smart they'll stop while they're ahead, instead of making a crappy sequel on a crappy budget. If you can't do it right please don't do it. Let this film stand alone it its applause to the kings of the slasher genre.


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