Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Stand (TV mini-series 1994)

The Stand was a made-for-TV movie, or otherwise considered a mini-series of 4 90 minute episodes. It is based off of Stephen King's ground breaking and best selling novel about the end of the world. When a nasty flu starts spreading and killing off civilization only few survive, and it's up to them to take a stand against Lucifer from ending the world. The survivors are split up between followers of sister Abigail, an old woman touched with visions of what's to come and fights on the side of God, and Lucifer, the king of the damned, trying to deceive the survivors and make them follow him and lead them to their ruin.

EPISODE 1: "The Plague"

When a deadly virus escapes from a government research facility, few prove to be immune to its effects. With symptoms similar to the flu, those who come into contact with it quickly die. One survivor is Stu Redmond, a gas station attendant from Texas, who suffers no ill effects what so ever.  Kept in a medical research facility in Vermont, doctors try to determine why he is still alive. Others that also survive include Frannie Goldsmith who lives with her dad; Nick Andros, a deaf mute; a rock musician, Larry Underwood; and Lloyd Henreid, in jail for murder. Survivors...

EPISODE 2: "The Dreams"

The plague has taken its toll and only those immune to the virus are alive. The forces of good and evil are slowly taking shape. Those that have been dreaming about Mother Abigail are slowly making their way towards her in Nebraska. Stu Redmond joins up with Frannie Goldsmith and others. When Nick Andros and the first of the travelers arrive, Mother Abigail tells them they will soon be moving further west, to Colorado. Randal Flagg is gathering his own forces as he releases Lloyd Henreid from jail. Through her dreams, he also recruits Nadine Cross, who had been...

EPISODE 3: "The Betrayal"

Hundreds are now in Boulder, Colorado with Mother Abigail but Randall Flagg has sent Nadine Cross to infiltrate the group. Unable to seduce Larry, she then sets her sights on Harold. So just as the citizens begin to organize their lives, Mother Abigail leaves Boulder. The residents do become concerned about what Randall Flaggl, based in Las Vegas, may be up to  and decide to send three people west to find out.

 EPISODE 3: "The Stand"

The final confrontation between good and evil takes shape. Tom Gathers information and tries to return to Boulder. With Mother Abigail gone and several members of the committee killed in an explosion, Stu, Larry, Glen and Ralph set off west as instructed. Nadine and Harold set off for Las Vegas but Randall Flagg has something special in store for both of them.  Flagg's group starts to fall apart. Trashcan Man decides to set the biggest fire of his life.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, it was something special. The cast and acting was well done and the film leaves a deep powerful mark on you. The mark of hope.

Now, I've never read the book but I have plans on doing so late this year/early next, but even I could tell you that this movie was cut down alot. There was hardly any real character development and I know in the book there will be. It was the time restraint that hurt this movie. There was too much going on and too many characters for such a short run time. This movie should be 6 or 7 hours long.

That being said I am eagerly awaiting to read the book and being able to compare them. I loved this movie so I know I'll love the book.



  1. Shawnee Smith was hot in it. It bored me for the second-half though and the ending was bollocks.

    1. You really hate King's endings, don't you? (laugh) It was cool seeing Shawnee Smith younger and better looking than she is now.


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