Monday, August 26, 2013

HELL BABY is funny as hell


Synopsis taken from IMDb
An expectant couple who moves into the most haunted house in New Orleans call upon the services of the Vatican's elite exorcism team to save them from a demonic baby.

Being totally straight forward, I was never a fan of the show Reno 911, or the film based after the series. Nothing against it, I know a lot of people like it, most of my friends. I just never got into it. So, when I saw that this movie is from the creators of, I was slightly apprehensive.

It starts with Jack (Rob Corddry) and Vanessa (Leslie Bibb) moving into their new home, in which there's already problems. Like you'll see in the trailer, there's a woman in an upstairs window of their home, and the neighbors aren't very excited and welcoming to see someone new taking residence on their street or in the run down house they just purchased.  

About five minutes into the film, I was laughing. Rob Corddry is the best he's ever been! I laughed aloud several times at him alone, not to mention the other characters in the film. Keegan Michael Key is also in this, and he is by far my favorite character, almost every time he's on screen I cracked up at something. He was a nice addition to the cast for sure. I'd like to see him in more stuff. Really, the whole cast was perfect for this movie. Leslie Bibb did a fantastic job, and was really the icing on the cake.

Not to mention, the priests, Father Sebastian (Robert Ben Garant) and Father Padrigo (Thomas Lennon), who were the best addition to the cast once they become really involved in the film.

The one aspect that this film had, that I really liked, is that it remains unpredictable. Even though you may think that you know how it's going to end up, it doesn't go that way. It ends up going even further into the ridiculousness and brings about more laughter and memorable moments. I still have the whole movie practically running through my head. It goes from funny to funnier, and it's a real relief to see a movie not drop the ball once the climax comes about, like so many do. This isn't a film that's only funny up until a certain point, it's full of laughs through the duration.

The dialog is probably the best part of the movie for me. What the characters say, and how they act is priceless. The lines spoken are as goofy as anything you can think of but, it's exactly what needs to be said. There's a lot of hit or miss comedies out there, and I believe this is one that hit on every aspect it could. I was sucked in. I wish I could watch it again, and when I do, it'll be with a group of friends.

 It's amusing to me, because I wasn't even sure that I was going to like this flick, and here I am loving it. As the story plays out and we start to understand that Vanessa is possessed, things really go over-the-top, and it's really well done. The birth of the devil baby is so corny and cheesy, it's brilliantly hilarious. This is by far, the best horror-comedy to come out since the first "Scary Movie" back in 2000. There's twists and turns, and a lot more.

Now we get to the crucial stage. Rating movies like this are tough, because off the bat, you know they aren't four-star films. They're just entertaining and fun, the acting isn't award worthy, but it's what it needs to be. The story is simple, and not very inventive. So ultimately, the rating doesn't reflect the enjoyment factor, if it did, my rating would be higher. I'm judging this as a film overall.


  1. Loved this. I have bit of a crush on Riki Lindhome now. ;)

  2. I really didn't like this film. I can see were you're coming from in terms of the comedy, but I just found that it tried too hard. It was a little jumpy at the beginning though, have to give it credit for that.

    1. I understand. I actually have a wide range of humor and I like even the silliest of films, as long as they make me laugh, I'm a fan. I actually didn't expect much from it. I'm surprised I liked it as much as I did.


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