Monday, August 5, 2013

Stitch: Slasherton (Book Review)

I had the pleasure again, of reading another Slasherton story. This one being the 2nd story in the book, is about a bean bag chair made of flesh, named Stitch. I knew just from looking at the cover and pages, that this was going to be another trip of nostalgia. Yet again, we're hit with great illustrations that are as morbid as they are adorable!

Stitch is a little more brutal than Sack, the first story. If you missed my review, here it is. Sack: Slasherton (Book Review)

I love how mature and adult themed the writing and storytelling is, yet we're hit with illustrations based around children's books. True horror genius here. I've said this before, but it's true, I don't know what there is to not like about these books.

Stitch uses blunt force objects to murder his victims and he also eats them. There's a couple good laughs you'll get reading the book. And I found myself smiling through it a lot because it's just so damn cool and well written! The drawings and story compliment each other very nicely. It's a quick read, so you'll actually want to read it about four times because it's so enjoyable. With rhymes like "He likes finding new ways to kill Mr Victim, like even a cut from mouth to rectum." You're sure to turn the page and read more, trust me.

What I like about these books the most is that they're harmless fun! Anybody can enjoy them. Have a friend over and you're talking about horror? Show him or her your copy of these books and watch and see if they don't fall in love with them. These books appeal to the adolescent and mature sides of all of us. It's a horror anthology of cute horror guys doing bad things, what else can I say?

I'll be eagerly awaiting the 3rd story in this series called Stealth, and that one looks to be promising as well. He's a masked fella in bunny slippers. Stay tuned, because I'll be reviewing it when it hits!

Below are a few pages from Stitch

If you want to give this little nasty a read and get caught up on the first story, Sack, here are the links below.

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