Saturday, November 26, 2011

Savage Weekend (1979)

This movie was a total letdown. I don't really know what I expected out of it but it did not deliver. The suspense wasn't good. The acting was just as bad and the storyline was very cheap. There were a few scenes that made me think this movie was possibly redeemable, but it wasn't.

This movie is about a gang of couples go to the the country to watch a boat being made and they start being stalked by a weirdo in a mask. And of course they throw all sorts of suspicions out on who it could be and they try and make you guess who it is but honestly you just don't care. You want the movie to be over with.

The only kill that had potential was the final kill in which he has a woman tied down to a power saw. However, like the rest of the movie it failed. I was amused by the fact that it claims to be one of the original slasher films but now I know why I never heard of it. A totally forgettable film.

I really need to get back on a kick with some good horror films. Here lately I've been off.

1 star for me. Trailer below.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Don't Go In The House (1980)


Another popcorn horror movie night has come and gone as my latest Netflix movie arrived titled Don't Go In The House. I never really heard anything about it but it sounded like a winner to me (laugh).

Let me start by saying that there was a kill in this movie that was totally and utterly brutal! Not in the gory way, in the "totally screwed up" and "that was painful" way. This guy burns a babe alive while she hangs from the ceiling by chains! And they practically show the whole thing. Probably my favorite part of this movie.

The movie started off strong and then kind of got slow. It ended kind of dumb in my opinion but I still didn't hate the movie. I liked it for it's similarities to Psycho. It achieved a creepy atmosphere and just kind of had me yelling at the girls in the movie for being so dumb by letting this weirdo pick them up.

I did enjoy this movie although it isn't a favorite and could have been better.

Synopsis taken from IMDb
A slasher film about a victim of child abuse (Dan Grimaldi) who grows up to become a maniacal construction worker. He stalks women at discos, takes them home, then hangs them upside-down in a special steel-walled room and sets them on fire.

2 1/2 stars for me. Trailer below.

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