Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

I've been wanting...needing to see this for a long time. 4 hours or not I had to see this, an in-depth look at the entire A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise.

To me this was just pure fun, I learned so much about the film series and it was great to hear what other people thought of the films, including those who made them and starred in them.

This is really hard to do a review for so all I can really say is that if you love A Nightmare On Elm Street and you like learning behind the scenes facts and trivia then give this a go. I'll be buying this for sure. Liked it alot more than His Name Was Jason and H25: Halloween 25 years later. And I prefer Myers and Voorhees to Krueger. That says something.

The one thing I learned was at the end of Freddy Vs. Jason they were supposed to be fighting in hell and Pinhead was supposed to come out and say "now gentlemen, what seems to be the problem?". But due to license issues they never filmed it and that is a damn shame. Would have made an awesome ending.

Give this a watch, you won't regret it.


Friday, June 24, 2011

The Rite

When I heard that The Rite was "Anthony Hopkins best performance since The Silence Of The Lambs" I knew I was going to have to give this movie a watch. Not to mention it's a horror flick.

I was a bit disapointed in this film to be honest, but I guess that's to be expected from a PG-13 horror film. I was intrigued by the beginning of the film and then it got kind of boring, then Father Lucas Trevant (Hopkins) is introduced and the movie picks up. Then it gets kind of boring again and dragging on. My overall opinion is that it's not a bad flick but it could have been alot better and I expected it to be alot better. I think had this movie had an R rating we would have had seen a much better movie. Instead it falls through the cracks in a sad PG-13 horror generation.

The movie is not memorable but Hopkins performance is, I agree that this is his best role since Hannibal Lector in The Silence Of The Lambs. But it was wasted on this movie.

I give this movie 2 stars. View the trailer below.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finally Evil Dead 2 action figures!!!!!

The action figure and collectible company, Neca, has announced that they landed the rights to make action figures from The Evil Dead 2! They said they're in the sculpting stage now and that we should see some prototypes at this years comic-com. And that we probably will see two Ashes and maybe a Henrietta and a few other characters.

Now I don't know about you but I am freaking out, I was so happy when I heard this news because there has never been collectibles made from the first or second Evil Dead movie (atleast not officially licensed products). So these are must haves and as those of you who collect know, Neca is a great company and makes great products, I own several hundred dollars in their products and so I will be getting these as soon as they're avaiable. Neca + Evil Dead 2 = hell yes. Just take a look at they're Army Of Darkness figures and you'll know what to expect.

I hope we get an evil Ash or atleast an Ash with the possessed hand.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Intruder (1989)

I've seen this movie several times and loved it. However it wasn't until last weekend that I've owned it and thus rewatched it. It had been a few years since I've watched it, so watching it again was like watching it for the first time. The gore and kill scenes are brutal. Hardcore. I loved it.

Although let me warn you that the fact that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi's names are on the cover is only for publicity and promotion. Bruce Campbell is in the movie maybe all of 2 minutes. Sam, on the other hand has a small part, but still has a part unlike Bruce Campbell. So don't run to see this thinking it's a Bruce Campbell flick, it's not. Watch this movie if you want to see a good old fashioned slasher film.

Synopsis taken from IMDb
The ex-boyfriend of a check-out girl at a supermarket returns at closing time to make trouble. They quarrel and the boyfriend is ejected from the store. After they lock the building up to take inventory, the employees start dying off, and the survivors must eventually find a way to escape with their lives.

3 stars for me. Now, the trailer gives alot away about the movie and it's twist. Cheaply made trailer. So I don't advise you watch the trailer but I'll throw it in there for those of you who want to watch it anyway.

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

I thought I'd take the time to review one of my all-time favorite horror and slasher films, My Bloody Valentine.

This movie came in a double feature DVD I got with April Fool's Day (1986) and it became one of my favorites instantly. It wasn't cheaply made even though it had a small budget, the acting is great, the story is fresh and original and the killer is badass. It was on of those rare movies that hasn't really been immitated (or atleast successfully immitated) and I was surprised by alot of things when watching it. It wasn't predictible.

The remake wasn't so horrible but it didn't touch the original. This is one of those gems in horror that too often get overlooked. For those of you who don't know there is a director's cut DVD out there with 3 minutes of addtional footage added in, all of which is said to be deleted kill scene gore that would've landed the movie an X rating. I haven't seen the director's cut yet but I sure as hell plan to.

Synopsis taken from IMDb
There's a big valentine-party planned in the little coal mining town of Valentine Bluffs, Nova Scotia. It is the first Valentine's Day party in 20 years, because then there was an accident in the mine, and the accident happened because the men responsible for the security was at the party. The sole surviving miner, named Harry Warden, later killed them, and told the town NEVER to arrange a Valentine's Day party again. The party begins, and so does the killing...

3 1/2 stars for me. Horror gold. Check out the trailer below.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Adam Green (Hatchet) does it again with this psychological thriller about three teens on vacation at a ski resort. It starts off happy and kind of funny but takes a dreadful turn when the three teens get stuck suspended in the air on a ski lift and left there for five days with no help, only harsh weather. Frost bite starts to kick in, they start turning eachother and arguing out of panic until they decide to try and get down from the lift and get help. Then the real trouble sets in.

This movie is so well acted, I felt so bad for the three leads in this movie. I can't imagine how I would react if faced with their problems. I'd probably react the same way, which makes the movie realistic and makes it hit hard for me. These kids try everything possible and they're all things that everyone would think of when in their situation. I loved this film and I think this may be Adam Green's best film although I enjoy all his work.

Synopsis taken from IMDb
At Mount Holliston, snowboarders Dan Walker, his girlfriend Parker O'Neil and his best friend Joe Lynch don't have enough money to buy lift tickets. Parker bribes Jason, a lift-worker, with one hundred dollars. When the system is nearing closure, they force Jason to let them have one last pass. However, Jason needs to resolve a problem and his colleague misunderstands his instructions and stops the lift. The trio of skier and snowboarders gets stranded on the chairlift near the top of the mountain. When they see that the lights of the ski resort had been turned off, they need to make a choice: leave the chairlift or freeze to death.

3 stars for me. Check the trailer below.

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