Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lost Boys: The Thirst

Let me start by saying that the original Lost Boys film is my favorite vampire movie ever. Let me also say that I HATED the sequel, Lost Boys: The Tribe. I thought that it was totally ridiculous. Now let me tell you that I LOVED the 3rd film, Lost Boys: The Thirst.

This movie kicks ass! It's still not the first film but it's still a very good sequel and very entertaining. Cory Feldman reprises his role as Edgar Frog and locks and loads as he comes to find out that a dj is throwing raves and giving out a new drug to all those who attend. Only it's not a's vampire blood from the king vampire himself! And the effect is turning everyone at the raves into blood thirsty vampires, the things Edgar Frog hunts and destroys.

The cool thing about this movie is...are you ready? The Frog brothers are back! Jamison Newlander reprises his role as Allen Frog and we get to see the ass kicking duo back in action.

3 1/2 stars for me. Check this movie out! View the trailer below.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bride Of Re-Animator

I was heartbroken by this sequel to be truthful. I love the first one as everybody does, so I was expecting this to be a good sequel. Had high hopes for it and got nothing but disapointment. I didn't find it nearly as funny as the first nor as entertaining, scary or enjoyable. To me this film was a big disapointment. Just as bad as Beyond Re-Animator...only I had hope for this one. After watching this I can honestly say that it would have been in their best interest to just leave it alone with the first.

I mean the first had a great ending, no real need to continue with lesser and lesser sequels. But that's a problem that many horror movies have and we all have to sometimes watch our favorite movies go to the gutter by ruining their reputations with horrible knock-off sequels. Re-Animator suffered this curse badly.

My opinion is to stick with just watching the first film. Don't disapoint yourself. I really could go on and on so let me stop here.

1 star is my verdict. Check out the trailer if you dare.

Nightwish (1989)

This movie was pretty crazy. I didn't expect it to be so damn trippy but I actually didn't mind it. The ending was pretty cool and I dug the twist.

A professor has a team of students do some paranormal research with him where aliens, ghosts and some demonic entities come into play. It's one of those movies that is hard to describe, but I found it entertaining. Not necessarily something I'd re-watch, but not something I regret watching.

2 1/2 stars for me. Trailer below.

The Collector

I can't believe that I'm just now getting around to seeing this but I'm glad I did! This movie was awesome, I loved the feel and the cleverness of it. The killer had no back-story which I loved and the gore was awesome as well as the kills. My personal favorite is the bear-trap scene, so, so brutal.

Arkin (Josh Stewart) is trying to pay off the debt that his wife owes to loan sharks and so he breaks into a house he's been working on for a family and plans to steal their precious stone to get the cash he needs. He does this thinking the family went on vacation, however, he comes to realize that they aren't gone. In fact, they are being held in the house by a killer who rigs the house up in booby traps to make it impossible to leave. And Arkin realizes he broke into a house that he can't escape from and the killer is catching on that there is a new guest in the house.

3 1/2 stars is my verdict. Check this movie out! Trailer below.

Basketcase (1982)

This is one of those movies where I've seen one of the sequels before seeing the original. I saw the 3rd one on VHS a few years back and I thought that it was ridiculous but somehow I still found it amusing. I can get why alot of people would like these and why they have a cult following but they just aren't for me.

Pretty much it's about a guy who carries a basket around with his deformed Siamese-twin in it. And they seek vengeance against the doctors who separated them. And the ugly little bastard gets jealous whenever his normal looking brother gets attention from girls or does anything without him.

2 stars for me. Check out the trailer below.

Triangle (2009)

First off let me plead with you to not watch this movie when sick and drugged up on Nyquil. This movie totally went over my head the first time I saw it and I had to rewatch it. Once I understood it though it was very cool and original.

The movie is about a group of friends who go out on a yacht for a trip and when a storm comes they have to jump ship. And on the ship they jump to weird things start happening and the people are being killed. And the weirdest thing is they are blaming Jess (Melissa George) for the killings, saying she's doing the murders herself. As the film progresses you see that she's stuck in a time loop. It's a twist and turn movie and it was definitely entertaining.

3 1/2 stars is the verdict. View the trailer below. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

127 Hours

My girlfriend bought this dvd while I was at Best Buy buying The Fighter and she convinced me to watch it. I didn't regret it, this movie was intese and very well made. James Franco does a great job with his performance in this film when his character, Aron Ralston, gets stuck in a nasty situation while rock climbing. He comes close to losing his mind and losing it all when stuck in a hole held in place by a heavy rock that's crushing his right arm.

The film is about how he fought for survival and to keep his sanity. Good movie, good watch.

3 stars is the verdict. View the trailer below.


 I got to see this film opening weekend and loved it. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back and at 'em again in this feel-good movie about friendship when they drive to Area 51 and find an alien, Paul, and take him in and hide him from the goverment officials after him lead by Jason Bateman. The trio really hit it off and it kind of has an E.T. feel to it, only directed at mature audiences by having drug use and foul language and even some gore.

Very fun and enjoyable movie. Got me wanting to watch Shaun Of The Dead for the ten millionth time.

3 stars is the verdict. Check out the trailer.

Hatchet 2

In this sequel to 2006's Hatchet Victor Crowley is back and haunting the swamp again and is still pissed off and killing people in brutal over-the-top ways. Marybeth now played by (Danielle Harris) is out for revenge on Victor Crowley, who killed her brother and Father (Robert Englund). So she teams up with Reverend Zombie (Tony Todd) to find and kill the tormented soul haunting the woods.

I thought Hatchet 2 was fantastic and thought it was alot better overall than the original. They toned down the humor and put a good story on this one as well as some awesome kill scenes. I loved the first film but Adam Green made a better film with this one. Adam Green is horror's bright hope in my opinion, I like this guy.

3 stars is the verdict. View the trailer below.


Wow. What an amazing sci-fi flick. It's been a long time since a movie like this has been made and it instantly shoots up there with Cronenberg's The Fly and Carpenter's The Thing. I loved the movie, though I thought it ended on a slow note and I'd prefer it ended on a more impactful ending.

Two scientists use human dna in an experiment after being told it's illegal. And in their attempt to create life they mix the human dna with animal dna to find the missing links they needed in making a living being. But they soon discover that playing God isn't all it's cracked up to be when they have to face what they created.

This thing is crazy looking! Such a fantastic design. Dren (our human/animal hybrid) is a bad mother and the movie is very injoyable.

3 stars is the verdict. View the trailer below.

Piranha (1978 and 2010) reviews

I, personally was never interested in watching Piranha but I thought that the remake looked fantastic. Especially because I'm a major fan of Alex Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors, High Tension) and so I decided I should watch them both.

The original Piranha was okay, it was very well made and shot for the time in which it was made and the budget they had to work with. The thing that hurt the movie I think is the acting and the lack of truly being in suspense when you watch it. It's about how the deadly fish escape a research lab. And after killing a few casualties, they end up at a summer camp where your herion, Bradford Dillmans child,  is spending the summer. And the film becomes a fight to stop the deadly predators.

2 stars is the verdict. View the trailer below.

The remake was a blast to watch. Lots of nudity and gore and fun. My type of movie. The kills were great and the effects were decent. They would have been better if watching it in 3D. The 2D effects hurt it but it was very well made with the budget, as are all of Aja's films. This guy knows how to make a movie. He showed off a side of his humor in this one which is different from his serious horror films. The only thing I liked more in the original was the story. Other than that this movie was just pure fun and enjoyable.

This Piranha attack ouccurs due to an earthquake that lets these little bastards up from beneath the sea and they're over millions of years old and pissed. Best of all they strike at springbreak and hit all the partying youth all at once turning into a gore fest.

3 stars is the verdict.View the trailer below.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

I gotta say that I was truly taken back by how good this movie was. It was original as hell,things I've never seen before,yet things I've already seen. It is a truly good horror movie and in my opinion stands out as one of the best remakes to date.

Some people may say it's a trash movie as people said about the original. I'm not a huge fan of the original but this one was good. They upped the suspense and brutality so much that the rape isn't half as bad as in the original,which is brilliant. Although the rape scenes are intense. And the pay off's at the end are way more worth it. She messes these guys up horribly as she should and as they deserve it,which includes one of the villains waking up with a shotgun stuck up their ass.

The plot is basically the exact same: a young woman writing a novel at a summer rental cabin is tortured and raped by a gang of misfit,white trash,low lives. And after surviving the attack she comes for revenge. Great movie if you're into revenge stories or just like gore and seeing people get messed up. Chad Lindberg is exceptionally good in this movie as he plays the mentally challenged misfit of the group.

3 stars is my verdict and you can view the trailer below.

The Fighter

One thing that you will come to learn about me is that I am a huge Christian Bale fan. So when I first saw the trailer for this film I was hooked, on top of the fact that it looked to be great. Like a modern day Rocky. After watching it I wasn't let down. The film was fantastic and Bales performance stole the show,no doubt,but all of the performances were great as well as the story.

The movie is about Micky (Mark Wahlberg) who is a bum fighter and constantly overshadowed by his ex-boxer and crackhead brother, Dicky (Christian Bale) who trains him. And after incidences occur (I won't spoil it) Micky decides he's better off without his crazy family and crackhead  brother and gets a new training partner and actually makes a comeback.

This movie gets 4 stars from me hands down. Totally deserving of all the hype and awards it's won.Trailer below.

Night Of The Demons 2

Let me start off by letting you all know how much I loved the original Night Of The Demons. It is one of my favorite horror movies,just very well done. It's the definition of 80's horror, it's got gore,nudity,sex,scares,cheese,violence and bad acting. Everything that 80's movies were made up of just rolled into one movie. If you haven't seen it GO GET IT ON NETFLIX NOW!

Night Of The Demons 2 was a definite let-down. They went way overboard on the cheese and made it a little over the top. While I agree it's alot better than the remake it's still nothing like the first one. I can say that there was a good scare or two and I loved seeing Angela's character back. But it just did nothing for me. If you've seen the first it wouldn't hurt to check this out.I still found it entertaining though it wasn't even close to the first one. However, I won't be watching 3, no interest.

2 stars from me. Check out the trailer below.

Primal (2010)

This movie was actually enjoyable, the story was compelling,the gore was great,the acting was pretty good and the action scenes were pretty damn awesome. However,there are things in the movie never explained that I would have liked to known. I can understand why the creators would leave out these things to add to the "mystery", but ultimately I think that the "mystery" is what hurt the movie.

The opening started off very decent and the movie went on to show the group of people going camping and eventually how they all start becoming these creatures with really screwed up teeth due to the water. Crazy right? I think that this could have been pulled off and worked if the story and mystery were given a bit more time and details.

I rate this a fair 2 1/2 stars. Check out the trailer below if you're intrigued.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grimm Reviewz

Hey all,

I've been a movie nerd my whole life and a friend suggested I start a website and so I did. This is my way to share what I think of the movies I watch. You may ask yourself "why do I care what someone else's opinion is on movies?" and to that I answer: you always read other peoples no matter what movie site you're on. So you mine as well check this out. I'm always watching movies and always expanding my horizons. I am a huge horror fan and it is no doubt my favorite genre, but I always watch different types of movies. I'm not just limited to horror.

So check it out up here and you may enjoy what you see. Thanks for the support.

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