Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dark Night Of The Scarecrow

I've waited a long time to see this film so I watched it as soon as it arrived via Netflix. I was a bit disapointed with it to be honest but I think it was due to the hype I put behind it. I still genuinly enjoyed this film and loved the story.

This story takes place in a town where a mentally challenged man named Bubba is best friends with a little girl named Marylee Williams. And some of the townspeople don't like Bubba and Marylee's friendship and after Marylee gets attacked by a dog, the townspeople blame Bubba and kill him as he's disguised as a scarecrow hiding from them. Soon after his murder the killers find out that Bubba was infact the person to save Marylee from the dog attack.

The next night Bubba comes back to life as the scarecrow he died as and comes for the townspeople one by one until his death is avenged.

2 1/2 stars for me but that's not that bad, I still enjoyed the movie. View the trailer below.

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