Monday, April 18, 2011


This is one of the scariest horror films I have ever seen as well as one of the best. Me and some friends were talking about horror films and how foreign horror is where horror is it's best at right now. And in our conversation it was suggested to me to see Inside. And so I did. It kicked my ass! So brutal and violent and gory yet not torture porn. It was just a balls to the wall horror film.

The movie starts off with a pregnant woman getting into a car crash and killing her boyfriend (father to the child). After this incident she becomes grumpy and cold, not much happiness in her life, even though she kept the baby. And the day before she's going to go into labor a mysterious woman comes to her door in the night hours of a storm wanting to use the phone. After being denied to use the phone she breaks into the house and tries to cut the baby out of the woman using scissors while she's asleep. When our lead wakes up it becomes a battle of survival as she's forced to hide and fight back against the mysterious woman. And it gets bloody.

4 stars hands down for me. Great horror flick. Check out the trailer below.

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