Thursday, September 5, 2013

YOU'RE NEXT is a modern horror masterpiece


Synopsis taken from IMDb
When the Davidson family comes under attack during their wedding anniversary getaway, the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one victim harbors a secret attack for fighting back.

I know, I know, I'm a bit late on this one. Sorry for the delay, I'm just simply backed up with stuff to watch, including screeners. I got back from seeing this film last night, and I left the theater talking about it, and smiling. It actually cracks me up whenever good motion pictures like this hit, and are a big deal amongst the horror community. Because, it shows all the people out there ignorantly boasting about horror being dead, that it's clearly not. Yeah, there's been a lot of bad horrors this year, films that didn't live up to their expectations, like "The Purge". 

But, however you look at it, there's been a good amount of good horror films made this year. With "Evil Dead", "The Conjuring", and "You're Next" all doing well at the box-office, and going over well with the majority of genre fans, I'd say horror is kicking and screaming. The list goes on, we've got "The Lords of Salem", and "Hatchet III" to include as well. But, let's move on to the film at hand here...

"You're Next" is a brilliant breath of fresh air! Yeah, it's a home invasion movie, and there's others like it. That doesn't matter, as long as the movie manages to mix things up and go to new places, which this motion picture does. Though this took two years to finally hit the big screen and get the theatrical release it deserved, it is more than well worth the wait! 

It begins with a slow, yet explosive opening that instantly sets the mood for the whole duration. There is nothing pretty about it, it's just very gritty and balls to the wall horror. And it manages to stay entertaining and not go too far into the realism to the point where it takes the viewer out of the picture, or becomes uncomfortable to watch. Being totally honest, with all the hype buzzing around this one, I was really worried that I'd be the oddball and not like it. That's not the case.

Aside from being fresh and hip, the film manages to be smart and sexy, and completely enjoyable. Best thing of all is that it's not predictable. The characters are well crafted and genuine, which does make the brutality of it a little unnerving but, that's the freaking point! I'm completely impressed overall. Not to mention that Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator) is in it and looks as beautiful as ever! 

Wilmington Delaware's own Ti West, director of "The House of the Devil" and "The Innkeepers", plays a quick role as Tariq. I found it amusing because his character is an exaggerated version of himself, pretty much. 

The thing that stands out the most about this movie, that really makes it a winner, is the fact that we're given the best female heroine since Jamie Lee Curtis' performance as Laurie Strode from the original John Carpenter classic from 1978, "Halloween". Sharni Vinson (Bait 3D) plays Erin, a bad-ass chick who can more than handle her own. She's smart, tough, and totally believable. On a side note, I'd like to mention that I like how there is backstory added in to explain how she's such a strong woman. Without that tidbit, her character wouldn't have held up as well.

Aside from the acting and characters, the story doesn't let up once it starts. It's just non-stop, in-your-face entertainment. I've got to commend Adam Wingard for not overusing gore. This film is kept grounded in the sense that it doesn't become unbelievable due to the amount of blood used. It's used where necessary. And the kills are both inventive, and things we've seen before. Even so, they're all bloody well done, no pun intended.

As the story plays out, everything comes into light and we realize that the killers actually have a motive, unlike 2008's "The Strangers", in which this film is often compared. And, the plot twists are on point, and keep you glued to the screen. It's heart pounding thrill after thrill, with plenty of jumps. Lastly, what I noticed and really appreciated about this movie, is that the scares aren't given away and made predictable with the music. "You're Next" just jumps out and grabs you! It's the best film of it's kind in recent memory.


  1. Sounds great, if great is a good word to use for a film like this.

    Totally agree about horror; if anything I think there's a new appetite for for the garish and gory.

    Good review, as always.

  2. I am so glad you loved this movie, I did too and I agree with everything you said! It's great, a definite modern classic that has made its place in the genre among the greats like Scream and Halloween. I don't think it is doing so well in the box office which is a real shame, people need to see this! though it might just be a genre fans type of flick. Great review

    1. Yeah, I think opening weekend it went to #3 at the box-office. It's made profit, I'm sure. Horror films aren't made on much. I also thought it reminded me of Scream. It's a fresh take on something old. Well done.

      And thanks!

  3. Sharni Vinson is such a bad ass in this movie, she really made the film for me.

    1. She straight up Home Alone'd the crap outta those guys LOL

  4. Good review. While it sure as hell wasn't scary, I didn't care because it was still a whole bunch of fun just watching the baddies get what they deserve, and hoping that the goodies come out alive in the end.

    1. Haha. Exactly! She really got him with those boards and nails.

  5. Great review! I am glad you enjoyed it. I did too. My friend Mike Strain did all the make-up and gore FX. He is a really cool guy. He is letting us use some of the weapons in our own productions.
    You made a great point that this movie took a couple of years to come out to theaters. People I think unfairly compare this film to THE PURGE and THE STRANGERS simply because they came out in theaters first. Keep up the great work.


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