Friday, July 22, 2011


So finally got around to seeing this because I had to see if Insidious was really "the scariest movie since Poltergeist". It was not.

I was really disapointed with this movie, especially since it's a James Wan film and I've loved most of his movies. Yes, including Dead Silence. I know that film wasn't loved amongst alot of people.

Insidious starts off great and really pulls you in, even makes you jump your ass off a good handful of times. But the last 30 minutes of the film are horrible and ruin this movie. The demon was ridiculous looking and the movie just got dumber and dumber. The trailer said "Insidious is Insidious", well I think the punchline should be "Insidious is Ridiculous".

Synopsis taken from IMDb
A gripping story of a family in search of help for their son, Dalton, who fell into a mysterious comatose on one ordinary morning. Little do they know that there is much more to this endless sleep than meets the eye as they explore the paranormal, and rediscover the past; the key to getting their son back once and for all.

I've ranted enough so go ahead a view the trailer and if you're really really bored rent this movie....

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