Monday, January 16, 2012

Dexter Season 6

That's right everybody, your favorite serial killer/father is back for a sixth time in this suspensful and highly anticipated drama. After where season 5 left of with both story and disapointment among fans this was thought to be a shot at redemption. However, contrary to what people may have said, I was a fan of season 5. I'm a fan of every season! This show is the best show on TV hands down and my personal favorite.

Michael C. Hall delivered again in this season, showing that he is perfect for this role and a fantastic actor. This guy's got skills. I know that everyone says that if someone on a show were to quit or something tragic happen they couldn't continue the show without them. Now for some people and shows this may be true like Charlie Sheen and Two And A Half Men. However, Michael C. Hall could not be replaced.

He simply is the role. He's the face. Hell, I read the books (which aren't half as good as the show by the way) and I hear his voice as Dexter in my mind while reading. I simply can't imagine someone else's voice or someone else's appearance in this role.

Now in this season Dexter is realizing what it's like to be a single father and what Harrison will be imprinted with from him being his dad and a serial killer. Wondering if his psychotic ways will rub off on his son somehow. So Dexter starts to think what his legacy will be that he leaves to Harrison and he finds himself befriending a former criminal turned preacher. This puts all sorts of religious thoughts in his head. Although he doesn't believe in God or anything that he feels isn't logical he can't help but be curious and possibly open his mind to other possibilities. And of course, if it'll be good for Harrison to grow up with a positive essence in his life like religion.

And this season's villain is a twisted bastard who kills because he believes he'll bring on the apocalypse and rid the world of it's existance. He actually wants to end the world and so he kills people with re-enactments from The Book Of Revelations in the Bible. The media dubbs him DDK, short for Doomsday Killer. DDK (played by Edward James Olmos) has a sidekick who helps him by the name of Travis (played by Colin Hanks) who doubts if his older and wiser companion is really talking to God or is just insane. This doubt causes major trouble between them.

This season also shows you Dexter's sister, Debra getting promoted to Lieutenant and how this effects her relationship with Detective Quinn. You also see the Morgan's old family friend and Chief of police Detective Mathews get into a mess.

I don't want to go into detail and ruin anything for anyone so I'll stop there. But if you haven't seen this season you need to jump on it. And if you've never watched Dexter before at all I find if fit to call you crazy (laugh). Seriously this show is great. The finale was great and the season's twist was downright jawdropping.

Despite the negative reviews some so-called fans gave it I liked this season alot and consider it to be one of the best yet. I'll be impatiently awaiting the 7th season. 'Til then I'll be buying this season on dvd and re-watching it.

Dexter got renewed for 2 more seasons, however they will be the last 2 seasons of this show. And they both will be about the aftermath of this season's finale. And boy, what a finale t was.

Dexter season 6 gets  3 1/2 stars from me.


  1. I disliked this season, because it was very predictable and Colin Hanks was very bland. But one of the endings - with 4 Horsemen on the streets of Miami, was definetly my favorite in the series.

    1. I agree Hanks was weak. I think that they were trying to give him a big break and he just doesn't have the acting ability or screen presence to put on a powerhouse performance like Lithgo did. I saw the main twist coming due to internet spoilers but other than that I didn't think it was predictable.

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  3. I disagree with the comment about Hanks being weak. Think about who his character is. Travis is a naturally boring and normal individual. I don't think colins performance is to blame for that. That's just the type of person that he writers wanted Travis to be. He deserves a little more credit then given. In my eyes, he portrayed exactly who he was supposed to.

  4. I loved the season. Another great one to add to an amazing show. And THE best cliffhanger!

  5. Glad you also liked it! Can't wait for the next season!

  6. Nicely written. I am also a big fan of Dexter. Prsonally I love season 1 the most. Season 5 wasn't bad according to me. I liked the relationship Lumen and Dexter shared. Internet spoilers ruined season six's biggest secret for me. I am eagerly awaiting the 7th season. Debra's reaction and the character Louis are somethings to look forwar for

  7. Yes! Season 7 is coming up so fast and I cannot wait!


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