Thursday, January 31, 2013

American Mary (2012)

*** S  P  O  I  L  E  R  S ***

"Pain is Inevitable, Suffering Is Optional"


Synopsis taken from IMDb
The story follows medical student, Mary Mason, as she becomes increasingly broke and disenchanted with the surgical world she once admired...

STORY: A fellow horror blogger, Dr Blood, suggested this movie to me. So, of course after hearing it's good and seeing the poster above I was convinced. Not to mention the gorgeous Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps) is the lead character Mary Mason.

Mary Mason is a sympathetic character and a reflection of the America's medical school students; broke and in need of money. Always working and studying and only getting deeper into debt. She goes to a strip club owner Billy (Antonio Cupo) and he gives her a job, $5000.00 for one night of work. The catch? Use her surgical training to torture a guy and disfigure him. Mary plays it off cool but when she gets home she's paranoid and not sleeping.

Then she meets Beatress Johnson (Tristan Risk), a woman who's undergone 14 surgeries to make herself look like Betty Boop, and I must add that she was creepy as hell looking. Beatress gives Mary some money to see her friend who wants a weird procedure done. Mary is apprehensive at first but is convinced in the end to do the procedure, which is to make a woman look like a barbie by cutting off and out all of her "woman parts". Now that Mary's doing good for herself and feeling good about herself, she's invited to a party with a bunch of Doctors. This makes her feel special until she gets drugged and raped by her teacher who suspected her of coming into wealth by being a prostitute. This is when the film really gets good...

Mary goes back to Billy and pays him to let her use his back room, and in that back room she has her teacher tied down to a table and uses her surgical magic to disfigure him for life, the ultimate revenge. She splits his tongue and makes him a complete amputee. As she put it, she gave him 14 of the most bizarre and requested surgeries in one night. Mary is soon pursued by a cop looking for her missing teacher.

From here the movie gets more and more twisted and the ultimate lesson of this movie is that revenge is a bitch and that once someone's done what they have to do, they'll never get to do what they want to do. Mary Mason's story is simply about greed and the power of the mighty dollar and in today's society. It really hits a high note because not a lot of people can't say that they wouldn't do what she does in this film. And that's a sad, tragic thing, losing your moral to have the finer things in life. Mary Mason finds what she's good at and capitalizes. And in the end, her sins and her unethical actions that she does for the big pay-offs costs Mary very, very dearly.

Mary exacts revenge on her teacher and rapist.

ACTING: The acting in this movie is spot on, there wasn't anything I can really complain about. Katharine Isabelle puts on her best performance yet and although she isn't very well known, I think this movie is going to make her known. It should anyway, after this film she deserves some credit.

KILLS/GORE: The killings and torture are well done and very vague at points. I love that they don't show you everything! If you read my blog then you know I don't mind a movie that doesn't show you every single last drop of blood spilled. Horror movies started as dark, romantic movies, so I sincerely don't like it when people complain about lack of gore because to me that shows that you aren't a true horror fan, you just like the twisted stuff. A horror movie is supposed to give you the creeps and if it does then it does it's job. Gore and brutality don't make a horror movie, but this film still has it's share of gore malevolence.

OVERALL: I'd say this movie is damned near perfect. It's got all the right ingredients to be an instant classic. It's Nip/Tuck with a bigger set of balls and a more twisted personality. Almost everyone in this movie except for Mary and Billy are suspicious and creepy, you don't know who to trust or what their motive is. The Soska sisters nailed the eerie atmospheric feeling to this film and it keeps you enthralled and on edge. This movie rocks!


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