Monday, May 25, 2015

Making My Return...

It's been a whole nine months since I've last done a review, or any other sort of post on this blog, and the reason stemmed from two key things: me being burnt out, and the lack of good horror films coming out.

If you're a minion and follow my blog, then you know from time to time I'm known for disappearing for random amounts of time. It's my fault for not being totally open and explaining why I just up and disappear. I regret not writing a post making everyone aware of that fact that I'd be taking a hiatus for the better part of a year, and I'm going to make it a point to change that the next time I decide to take a break.

Truth of the matter is, I was just fried from watching horror movies. I love them to death, but when I watch bad movie after bad movie after bad movie, my writing and creativity drops. I'm not an internet troll, nor never will I be, but that's how I began to feel when all of my reviews are negative. It started to appear (to me if not anyone else) that I was a horror troll, doing nothing but bashing all the terrible films to come out as of late. So, when I got to that point and realized that I was bashing the genre I love with a passion, I knew it was time to step away for a bit.

Add to that all of the screeners I've been given and all the pressure to do reviews, and I went and hid in my little corner of the world to be left alone for a bit. This blog got so popular last year that between posting and all of the fan emails I got, life just got a bit overbearing. I simply didn't have the time to run this blog full time, so I took a much needed break, and after nine months it feels great to be back. The fact that some folks out there actually look forward to my reviews and even email me for movie suggestions and other things makes, me be glad to be back all the more. I've missed talking about movies. Movies are my passion and this blog is my outlet.

So, starting Wednesday, May 27th, I'll be making my return with my review for the badassery that is Mad Max: Fury Road. Thursday there will be a Throwback Thursday Review, and starting next Tuesday I'll be bringing back Horror Toy Tuesday on a weekly basis. I'll also be back on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm looking forward to socializing with some of my fellow bloggers that I consider good buddies of mine. If you're reading this post, and like horror blogs and/or movie blogs, go check out these guys for great insight and reviews- CineMarvellous!,  The Girl Who Loves Horror, and The Horror Honeys.

I'll see you all on Wednesday!


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