Saturday, April 16, 2011


This movie was awesome! And I had the privledge of seeing the midnight premiere of this film and while I didn't get my hopes up, I wasn't disapointed. By far the best film after the original. It's hip like the first, has a sexy young cast and had plenty of laughs as well as some brutal kills. This movie delivered. It made me proud to be a Scream fan again.

Soon after her book release (and the success of it) Sidney Prescot finds a bloody knife and a picture of her face in the trunk of her rental car. The knife belonging to a crime scene the night before in which some girls were killed in the style of original murders. Sidney, Duey and Gale as well as some new names join in on the fun of finding the killer while they're all looking suspicious. This movie is fun, go see it!

I love how they had so many movie references in this one just like the first film. They mention Saw 4 (and trash it as well as the whole series) and Anthony Anderson (who is hillarious in this film) played a cop named Anthony Perkins. Now if you don't know who that is then don't admit it because you should. They also mention Robert Rodriguez in a cool way. They have a few other honorable mentions within the movie including having Suspiria on dvd.

4 stars for me. Check the trailer.


  1. Hey...Hey u don't trash Saw lol I mean he did do Scream 3.

  2. Haha you're right when you're right!

  3. I loved Scream 4! Such a big fan of the franchise! great review


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