Monday, January 16, 2012

Neca doing a Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter Jason Voorhees figure


Now I love all the Friday The 13th movies for all they're camp and gore and kills. I'm a horror fan. To be a horror fan and not be a fan of the Friday The 13th franchise is unheard of.

Neca, in my opinion are the best at making 7" highly detailed action figures and here lately they've been on a role. First the do 2 waves of Freddy Krueger figures, one from the first 4 A Nightmare On Elm Street movies and they came out fantastic. Now they're doing Evil Dead 2 figures which look amazing and next up they're doing a Friday The 13th part 4 Jason! I'm uber psyched over this 'cause that just happens to be my favorite of the series.

Now my sources tell me that they're doing a few waves of figures like they did with Freddy doing one Jason from a few of the movies. One can only hope and pray this is true. That's all the news I know for now but believe me, I'm on top of it. If and when more news pops up I'll be spewing it on here ;)

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