Saturday, January 7, 2012

Grimm's 87 horror movies of 2011

Now technically I watched 263 movies total this year that I've never seen before. But since this is my site for horror I'm going to name off all 87 of them that were horror. Earlier last year I made a decision to write down every new movie I watch for a whole year and count. I was going for 365, that way it's like I watched a new movie everyday but I obviously failed at that. These movies are ones I haven't seen before until last year, ones I've already seen do not count.

I gotta say it was alot of fun to keep track like this, it was kind of like a competition for me to push myself into seeing as much as possible. I think I did alright considering that I'm a whole 102 less than I wanted.

Now with this came the negative side, seeing so many bad horror movies! My site looks like it's to bash horror films, but it's really not. I just saw alot of horrible horror movies this past year and alot of them got reviewed up here. I was on a serious dry spell of bad horror movies. It wasn't because of budget or acting or any particular thing that didn't work about them. Just the movie (s) as a whole were unbearable!

I like horror movies of all sorts, foreign, torture porn, slasher, psychological thriller and horror/sci fi films. I like B lovies and low budget movies. But what some of these movies had in commom was that they had atleast one single thing going for them and these had hardly anything. The worst horror movie I've seen this past year is easily Psychos In Love...awful. Best horror film I've seen this past year goes to Bereavement.

So here they are good ones are in blue and bad are red. Enjoy!

87. Fears Of The Dark
86. Pontypool
85. Pirahna (original)
84. Dead And Burried
83. Hatchet 2
82. Resident Evil Afterlife
81. Red Dragon
80. Frozen
79. Night Of The Demons remake
78. I Spit On Your Grave remake
77. The Human Centipede
76. Jennifer's Body
75. Let Me In
74. The Entity
73. 30 Days Of Night Dark Days
72. Wolfen
71. Suspiria
70. Dolls
69. Saw 5
68. Dead Girl
67. City Of The Living Dead
66. Shock
65. Shock Waves
64. It's Alive remake
63. Splice
62. Survival Of The Dead
61. Audition
60. Pirahna remake
59. Night Of The Demons 2
58. Primal
57. The Unnamable
56. Bride Of Re-Animator
55. The Collector
54. Basketcase
53. Nightwish
52. Thankskilling
51. Lost Boys The Thirst
50. Saw 6
49. Saw 7
48. The Birds
47. Eraserhead
46. The Crazies
45. We All Scream For Ice Cream
44. Popcorn
43. Incident
42. Mom
41. The Sitter
40. Dark Night Of The Scarecrow
39. Scream 4
38. Being Human season 1
37. Demons
36. Demons 2
35. Howling 2
34. Howling 3
33. Never Sleep Again The Elm Street Legacy
32. The Rite
31. Insideous
30. I Am Legend
29. True Blood Season 4
28. The Changeling
27. The Resident
26. Evil Laugh
25. Vault Of Horror
24. Tales From The Crypt
23. Prom Night remake
22. Tenebre
21. Bereavement
20. Mirrors 2
19. Fright Night remake
18. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
17. Cold Prey
16. Trollhunter
15. Let's Scare Jessica To Death
14. I Ate Your Skin
13. Night Of The Comet
12. Alone In The Dark
11. Mountaintop Motel Massacre
10. Terror Train
9. He Knows You're Alone
8. Shutter remake
7. Virgin Among The Living Dead
6. Don't Go In The House
5. Savage Weekend
4. Bloodsuckers From Outterspace
3. Psychos In Love
2. Cannibal Holocaust
1. Triangle

I guess this list speaks for itself, huh?  Lots of baddies in this list but hey, atleast I gave 'em a shot right? So my list officially starts over now seeing as it's 2012. Let's see if I can outdo last year.

I challenge you all to try it out and see what diamonds in the rough you find! Let me know what you think.

'Til next time

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