Monday, February 13, 2012

Grave Encounters

I was a little worried going into this movie seeing as I haven't heard much about it and that usually isn't a good sign.

This film is about a film crew doing the 6th episode of their reality ghost show (strongly mocking Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures) in a mental institution that's been abandoned for a long time. The crew doesn't take it seriously and they aren't even true believers, they just put on a show for the money they make. But it all goes south when it turns out that the institution is haunted and they've wore out their welcome.

So for the first time they actually have to fight for survival against malevolent spirits until they can find a way out. The scares build slowly and slowly but they did it in a very good way to keep you waiting and anticipating things to start happening.

I was kind of thrown off by this movie because there were actually alot of things that I liked about it but there were alot of bad things too. I guess you'd say it was one of those movies that has alot of potential but the people making it didn't know how to deliver it properly. So unfortunately the potential and build up was wasted on a bunch of cheap and weak scares.

There's a scene where they go into a room after hearing screaming and they record a woman in the corner weeping. Now this scene had me on the edge of my seat, I was ready to be creeped out and even jump just to see they used crappy CGI to make the woman look scary. It was such a shame because that scene had ALOT of potential just to be thrown away with some PG-13 crappy scare. I was angry at how bad they did this scene. I wanted this scene to deliver.

Another scene I hated was when they went into a room that was full of black arms coming out of the walls and ceiling. I don't know what this scene was supposed to do for watchers but it sure as hell wasn't scary. It was kind of dumb and pointless. They could have gone without that scene.

I guess the things I liked about this movie was the potential it had but it didn't pull through so it's kinda pointless. I was disapointed in this film regardless. I did like the idea of the movie. I just wish they knew how to make an impact. Instead it's totally forgettable.

2 stars for me. Trailer below.

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