Sunday, July 29, 2012

Evil Dead: The Musical

Today I had the pleasure of going to see The Evil Dead: The Musical for the 2nd time! After I saw it for the first time a few years ago I was convinced that was the last I'd ever see of it seeing as I live in the middle of nowhere. But I was wrong, and like any deadite would do, I jumped on the opportunity to see it again scoring front row seats. And it was the goriest it's ever been, especially for people in the "Splatter Zone" like myself.

Before I ever saw it in person I owned the CD of the original play and I must've listened to it 100 times. It's funny and endearing and pure fun. They captured the spirit of the greatest horror trilogy ever in a handful of well written songs.

The first time I went to The Evil Dead: The Musical was a great experience and I had the luxury of meeting the cast and having a few word before the show as well as having the entire cast sign my play program. It was one of the best things that could happen to a hardcore The Evil Dead fan like myself, and the fact that I got to go again was a blessing and an awesome early birthday gift.

There are such good songs on in this play! They're both funny and commanding. I've learned the words to the songs from listening to the album so much, but nothing compares to seeing and hearing it live.

"What The **** Was That?" is a hilarious song and regardless of how many times I hear it I always laugh. I mean, you have Ash and Scottie both singing a song about how the craziness going on. It's a funny tune and an seeing it performed really ices the cake.

"Stupid B****" is another song involving Scottie and Cheryl, Ash's sister. It's rude, over the top and a superb choice for a good laugh.

"Housewares Employee" is a song by Ash and Linda, and is actually one of the best songs, if not the best song on the soundtrack. It's not as comical as the others but it gets the point across with just enough humor and harmony to make it charming.

"Good Old Reliable Jake" is one of the funniest and most enjoyable songs due to how over-acted the part is. They deliberately make him a charismatic character who even steals a few scenes from other actors due to his humor and likability.

"Do The Necronomicon" is also one of my favorites because it's a good track and is one of the most visually stunning songs due to the deadites dancing and singing their anthem. It's quote: "Like the Timwarp but only better!"

"Blew That ***** Away" is the concluding song of the musical and is also one of it's gems. It is the re-enactment of the ending to Army Of Darkness, taking place in S-Mart. It's got a good rhythm and like all the others, is very funny.

There's a good handful of other songs that I didn't mention so I had to narrow it down to favorites or else I start rambling.

I was one of the "Splatter Zone" people who got to sit in the good seats allowing you to be in direct shot of the blood. For those of you who don't know, yes, the play has lots and lots of blood and they have not problem soaking the audience in it. I myself, was drenched. One of the prop girls even rubbed me down with blood as an early birthday gift. The goriest scenes were definitely at the end, it was an experience one doesn't forget.

It's one of the many things that separates this musical from others, but it's a great experience and very compelling. I plan on going again when they come around (if they come around...) again.

In conclusion, I think this play was a phenomenal idea and is something everyone who loves horror should experience at least once. It sums up the trilogy of greatness into an hour and fifty minute show, exposing the passion, fun, heart and true core of the Evil Dead saga, as well as the scares. In both of my times going the acting has also been on par and very diligently done. Good job to the actors and actresses.

I'll be keeping the clothes I wore to the play and I'll be keeping them unwashed in all their bloody glory. I made sure to wear a white shirt and safety goggles.

I was also very pleased that not only did I get to see this celebration of one of the greatest horror series' ever made for a second time, but I also got to take pictures as you see above. Sorry some are blurry. Lots of movement going on.

When and if the day comes when I get another opportunity to see this play again I'll be jumping on the opportunity again.

Check the link below to see if Evil Dead: The Musical is coming to your town!

I'd also like to thank Bootless Stageworks for putting together this great show!


  1. Seen it twice and loved it! It has the right amount of humor mixed with over-the -top gore; a horror fan's delight :)
    The songs are funny as well as catchy! At the end of the day it can be summed up as such: A BLOODY good time!!!

  2. Hey thanks for checking us out! Just an FYI, we're Bootless Stageworks now, not Bootless Artworks. No biggie. Super glad you loved the show!!!!

  3. Sorry about that, just fixed it! No problemo.

  4. Tare- hell yes it was a good time, huh?

  5. It really was! Highly recommended :)

  6. I saw the musical too and it was so fun! Evil dead scared the HELL out of me. I probably wont ever watch it again. But it was great to see the movie turned into a stage show. The songs were funny and the characters were modern and that made for a relatable story. If I had a group of friends who were stuck in a cabin full of evil, you can bet the first song I would sing is "what the **** was that?" It was excellent!

  7. haha! I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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