Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Find Your Way With "The Horror Map"

http://www.horrornewsnetwork.net/ is one of the largest horror news and resource websites on the internet. And how do they improve their already great site? Well, they added "The Horror Map".

"The Horror Map" uses Google Map technology to provide users with easy access to the location of more than 500 movies from the Horror News Network database. Each location provides an overview of the movie, including the release date and brief synopsis. Registered users, fans and filmmakers are able to contribute to the resource by pinning the location of any movie that is in the Horror News Network database. For movies not already in their database, the registered user can easily add the movie before pinning it to the map.

Bringing horror movie fans directly to the scene, this is the latest feature on the Horror News Network's site. And it's a groundbreaking idea. Things like this are what makes some sites soar above others. Very inventive, and quite awesome, if I say so myself. Rob Caprilozzi, owner of the Horror News Network said, "The Horror Map is a fantastic source for fans of the horror genre," and he wasn't lying. Films such as "Scream", "Nightbreed", "Rosemary's Baby", "Friday the 13th", "Halloween" and others are already pinned to the map!

I checked the map out myself, and it's such a cool tool to access! If you haven't done so already, go check it out, and stop missing out! All this really does is give us all yet another reason to frequent the website.


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