Friday, March 25, 2011

Piranha (1978 and 2010) reviews

I, personally was never interested in watching Piranha but I thought that the remake looked fantastic. Especially because I'm a major fan of Alex Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors, High Tension) and so I decided I should watch them both.

The original Piranha was okay, it was very well made and shot for the time in which it was made and the budget they had to work with. The thing that hurt the movie I think is the acting and the lack of truly being in suspense when you watch it. It's about how the deadly fish escape a research lab. And after killing a few casualties, they end up at a summer camp where your herion, Bradford Dillmans child,  is spending the summer. And the film becomes a fight to stop the deadly predators.

2 stars is the verdict. View the trailer below.

The remake was a blast to watch. Lots of nudity and gore and fun. My type of movie. The kills were great and the effects were decent. They would have been better if watching it in 3D. The 2D effects hurt it but it was very well made with the budget, as are all of Aja's films. This guy knows how to make a movie. He showed off a side of his humor in this one which is different from his serious horror films. The only thing I liked more in the original was the story. Other than that this movie was just pure fun and enjoyable.

This Piranha attack ouccurs due to an earthquake that lets these little bastards up from beneath the sea and they're over millions of years old and pissed. Best of all they strike at springbreak and hit all the partying youth all at once turning into a gore fest.

3 stars is the verdict.View the trailer below.

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