Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

I thought I'd take the time to review one of my all-time favorite horror and slasher films, My Bloody Valentine.

This movie came in a double feature DVD I got with April Fool's Day (1986) and it became one of my favorites instantly. It wasn't cheaply made even though it had a small budget, the acting is great, the story is fresh and original and the killer is badass. It was on of those rare movies that hasn't really been immitated (or atleast successfully immitated) and I was surprised by alot of things when watching it. It wasn't predictible.

The remake wasn't so horrible but it didn't touch the original. This is one of those gems in horror that too often get overlooked. For those of you who don't know there is a director's cut DVD out there with 3 minutes of addtional footage added in, all of which is said to be deleted kill scene gore that would've landed the movie an X rating. I haven't seen the director's cut yet but I sure as hell plan to.

Synopsis taken from IMDb
There's a big valentine-party planned in the little coal mining town of Valentine Bluffs, Nova Scotia. It is the first Valentine's Day party in 20 years, because then there was an accident in the mine, and the accident happened because the men responsible for the security was at the party. The sole surviving miner, named Harry Warden, later killed them, and told the town NEVER to arrange a Valentine's Day party again. The party begins, and so does the killing...

3 1/2 stars for me. Horror gold. Check out the trailer below.

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