Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finally Evil Dead 2 action figures!!!!!

The action figure and collectible company, Neca, has announced that they landed the rights to make action figures from The Evil Dead 2! They said they're in the sculpting stage now and that we should see some prototypes at this years comic-com. And that we probably will see two Ashes and maybe a Henrietta and a few other characters.

Now I don't know about you but I am freaking out, I was so happy when I heard this news because there has never been collectibles made from the first or second Evil Dead movie (atleast not officially licensed products). So these are must haves and as those of you who collect know, Neca is a great company and makes great products, I own several hundred dollars in their products and so I will be getting these as soon as they're avaiable. Neca + Evil Dead 2 = hell yes. Just take a look at they're Army Of Darkness figures and you'll know what to expect.

I hope we get an evil Ash or atleast an Ash with the possessed hand.

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