Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Shmebuary...Eat Your Heart Out

There's isn't a whole lot going on on the horror front this month, aside from Girls Against Boys. So since this month is somewhat boring I'm going to be reviewing older movies I've been watching. I figure this is a good time to review some movies that I wouldn't be able to get around to if there were new horror movies coming out.

I've seen some pretty decent films lately like The Theater Bizarre and Faces In The Crowd. I also really enjoyed The Killing Gene, that had a good twist. Black Out and Wrecked are also some I could possibly review. This month is basically pure fun because I can review whatever I want with no pressure. I may review another animated comic movie as well and Frankenweenie is one I'll definitely be reviewing.

 Recently I've been on a Tom Hardy kick. I'm not trying to lie to or fool anyone, I jumped on Hardy's bandwagon after seeing him in Bronson and then Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Since then I've come to think of him as a really good actor and underrated. So I'm systematically going through all the movies Tom Hardy has been in. Recently I've watch Wuthering Heights, This Means War, Lawless, Dot The i, Layer Cake and some others. So don't be surprised if you see a few Tom Hardy movies pop-up on here this month.

There isn't too much going on at the theaters either. Nothing worth the ticket cost, anyway. I was going to go see The Last Stand just for the hell of it, to have some laughs with the guys on guy night. It's not playing any longer so that's out of the question, and Bullet To The Head just doesn't seem worth it. Both are $1.25 Redbox rentals for sure.

 So, I'll be chipping away at my Netflix instant queue everyday or as often as possible. Any goodies I find I'll definitely be reviewing. If I had enough time to review every horror movie I watch I swear my site would be an A-Z horror library. Unfortunately, I don't have that amount of free time so I must pick and choose what I review.

Also, since February is the the month of love I'll be doing a big review on one of my favorite slasher films of all-time: My Bloody Valentine. I always get excited when I get to review a favorite and classic.

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