Sunday, February 10, 2013

Revisiting A Classic

Tobe Hooper's grisly 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre shocked audiences around the world. It left an echo in the horror world that kept people talking. Based after the sadistic real life Ed Gein, Hooper's story exaggerates the things Gein did and turns them up a notch.

Though some critics said it was one of the goriest movies ever, the film hardly had any blood in it. And although the movie terrified audiences everywhere, I wasn't didn't get all the talk. I wasn't impressed with this movie at all. It just went right over my head, I didn't get what I was expecting.

Maybe it was because I was already about 17-years-old when I first saw it, and that by that time I had already seen some hardcore horror flicks? When I first watched this movie for the first time I was expecting brutality and things I'd need to turn my head away from. It didn't live up to the hype for me and I think that's what killed this movie to me. Of course, soon after I saw the remake and loved it. The remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes are the best remakes to date.

I'm pretty sure it's because I was expecting the brutality from it that I've gotten from newer movies, but the kills and effects in this movie didn't do anything for me. I guess it's stupid to expect that, but with movies like The Evil Dead and Cannibal Holocaust I was expecting something much more maniacal and disturbing.

As the movie replayed in my head a few times, I broke down and re-watched it. Same end result. I didn't like it. Now, I completely agree that it's a classic and I respect the hell out of this film and the people who made it. What this movie stands for and what it did for horror movies is groundbreaking. I just can't seem to see it from the popular consensus. 

I've decided after about 3 years to give this movie a shot again tonight. Maybe some of that hype that's died down will help me to like it more this time around? Anything is possible. I know there's something there, something that draws me to the movie and I don't know what. I think it's time to give it a third opinion. As soon as The Walking Dead ends tonight I'll be watching this movie again. Hoping to see something different in it than before. 

I have no idea if I'll like it or hate it, we'll see...


  1. I've never thought much of it either. When I was at University some guy used to rave about it (but it was still banned in the UK at that point). When I finally saw it, I just thought, "Meh. I've seen better."

    This happens more and more when I revisit older horror movies too. Some films were just a product of their time. They have very shock value today.

  2. Yeah, I couldn't agree more! This was one I never really got though. I never liked it at any point in history. I had to stop it half through last night because I was exhausted. I'll pick it up again tonight.

  3. In my old age I have come to enjoy part II way more than any other film in the series.


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