Monday, July 22, 2013

Sack: Slasherton (Book Review)

Some of you may be wondering what that cute little picture is at the top of this post, and I'm going to tell you. This adorable psycho is Sack, the first story in a series to come. He's a twisted character but, undeniably charming and enjoyable. Drawn to perfection by Zoe Humphries, Sack is a blast of total nostalgia to those who are horror fans and kids at heart, like myself.

The illustrations are simple, and exactly what this book needed. It's aimed to be a child's book, only for adults. So, Sack is enjoyable for everyone, but it is adult themed, so make sure you let your kid grow up a bit before they read it. Mostly, it's a book that anyone can read and enjoy to the fullest. Just imagine reading a children's style book about a murderer, what's not awesome about that? If you can think of something please tell me, because I can't!

On top of good subject material and the aforementioned illustrations, the book is short and sweet. Sack comes off like a twisted Dr. Seuss book, full of nice little rhymes that'll crack you up and keep you smiling. This work of literature manages to keep our love for horror as strong as ever, as well as bring us to a place of peace in our minds, because it puts in back into childhood. The idea of this series is fantastic! Managing to bring together your childhood and adulthood in one book isn't something I've seen in a while, and especially not this well done. Reading Sack was as enjoyable as watching an episode of Tales from the Crypt, it's pure genius and entertainment!

I'd like to thank Zoe Humphries for bringing this book to my attention and giving me the chance to read it in advance. She's a very talented artist who captured chidhood and horror beautifully, and I can't wait to read the next book!

Below are a few pages taken from Sack

If you're wondering where you can check this little nasty out for yourselves, the links are below.

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  1. Thanks for including the links in your post. I'll make sure to check that out.


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