Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Zombie with a Shotgun" Film/Web Series

"Zombie with a Shotgun is a film/web series about Aaron, Aaron's shotgun and Rachel who both are on the run! Aaron gets infected with the zombie virus. As the story unfolds in front of us, we watch the two take a journey to find all of the answers to our zombie questions. The viewer watches in angst wondering why Aaron has not developed the full zombie virus. Will others who get infected get to see another day? Stay tuned..."

When I was first approached to check out "Zombie with a Shotgun", I immediately jumped at the opportunity. What about the title of this series doens't pique a horror fans' interest?

After watching the web series, the only thing that I really had negative to say about it is, that the episodes aren't 90 minutes long. I wish every episode was it's own full-length movie, because it's totally and completely compelling!

The first thing that came to my mind was that this reminded me of the "30 Days of Night" series that FEARnet did, only way better quality in both story and acting. So I made it a point to post about this series and spread the word, hoping that more people will be introduced to some of the really good stuff out there that isn't getting the attention it deserves.

It's a story about a guy trying to hold onto his own sanity and humanity during the end of times. The episodes are very short, and worth a watch by anyone who is an avid fan of the genre. It doesn't take up much time, and it'll satisfy your needs.

I'll be waiting, and hoping that there's more to come of this awesome little series. I'm officially a fan!

Below are the links to the episodes for you to watch, as well as the website, Twitter account and Facebook page. Check it out!









  1. Looks like I'll have something new to check out here soon!

    1. Absolutely. The links are there for you to view. You can't go wrong and it won't take up much time!


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