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10 Greatest Vampire Hunters in Cinema History

Vampires have been around for ages now, and the one thing that always accompanies them is a foe, stopping at nothing to put the undead to rest. I've narrowed it down to my ten favorite hunters, the ones that have had the most impact on me, as well as cinema lovers all around the globe.

Just like vampires, vampire hunters do exist. There's stories of people who claim to prowl the cemeteries at night in search of blood suckers. Some look at these people like they're crazy, but are they really? Or are they simply facing a truth we're all afraid of? I'll leave that one up to you to decide.

Like Vampires, hunters also spilled into cinema. And in this list you will only find real, flesh, and blood Vampire hunters. I love comics, but this isn't a list for comic characters or cartoons. The ten chosen, are the icons that we'll always remember and pay homage to.

10. Peter Vincent ('Fright Night')

1985's 'Fright Night' is my 2nd favorite vampire film ever, after 'The Lost Boys'. Played to perfection by Roddy McDowall, Peter Vincent is the host of local television show Fright Night. A show that showcases Peter's movies, portraying him as a vampire hunter. Only when a real vampire moves into town, he's faced with the real monster, and not just the fake ones played by actors in his movies.

The thing that's so likable about this guy is that he's a real guy, afraid like we all would be. Yet, he's able to overcome his cowardice and really be the hero he's always portrayed himself in movies as. Even though it's a small role, it was an awesome one. And it's a character no horror fan will ever forget about.

9. Jack Crow (John Carpenter's 'Vampires') 

The 1998 film 'Vampires' was a success, and a film that gets brought up a lot in conversations about vampire movies. Though some tend to forget about it, it's still echoing off the vampire genre's walls. Everyone was happy to see a good and original vampire film be made. Not to mention that it's by the master himself, John Carpenter.

Played by James Woods, Jack Crow is the leader of a pact of vampire hunters and mercenaries sponsored by the Vatican. This character is so memorable because of how gritty he is, and how he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. He's only a man and he's flawed, but he's one tough SOB and fights tooth and nail to stay in the game and to destroy vampires.

8. Sam and Dean Winchester ('Supernatural')

Though I've stopped  watching the CW show after the epic fifth season,  no one can deny the awesome duo Sam and Dean are! They hunt down every and any ugly, and scary thing that lurk in the shadows, including fanged freaks. The lore on vampires was well written on 'Supernatural', it was a realistic take on the blood fiends.

Even though their backs are always to the wall, they never cease to devise a brilliant plan to get the job done. It make cost them some blood loss and a few broken bones, but Sam and Dean are blue-collar workers who never stop until the beasts are at rest.

7. The Frog Brothers ('The Lost Boys')

Everything about 'The Lost Boys' is iconic! Including the two comic loving, rough and rugged Frog Brothers. These guys are just cool. If I went to school with them, they'd be my crowd. They're weird, funny, knowledgeable, and although they get by on the skin of their teeth, they're grade A ass kickers.

When Sam finds out his brother, Michael, may be a vampire, he contacts none other than the Frog Brothers for help. Although they're amateur, they take care of business and are a blast to watch. They never get old and neither does the film. I love these guys!

6. Gabriel Van Helsing ('Van Helsing')

Even though the 2004 film fell flat on it's face to a lot of critical abuse, no one can say that Van Helsing isn't an efficient vampire hunter. Hell, he turns himself into a werewolf, a beast he also hunts, in order to take out Dracula. If that's not dedication, I don't know what is.

Van Helsing is a member of the Knights of the Holy Order, stationed at the Vatican. He's sent on a mission to save the Valerious family from history's most feared vampire, Dracula. Gabriel is a tough, rugged and smart hunter that will forever be remembered as a character. Regardless of how you feel about the film itself.

5. Lucian ('Underworld')

Being the first ever werewolf that could transform into human form, Lucian started an army of his kind against his will, and under the ruling of Viktor. After being betrayed, Lucian breaks free from being the vampire's pet slave and starts a rebellion, wrecking havoc on the undead.

Lucian isn't a malicious man. He's forever tortured by the death of his beloved Sonja, and won't rest until his revenge tears the vampire clan apart. Stopping at nothing, he creates a half-vampire and half-werewolf being for his will to be carried out. And for Viktor, head of the vampires, to be burdened with facing off against a creature he once terminated when he killed his daughter due to her love for Lucien and the child she bared with him.

4. Abraham Lincoln ('Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter')

As crazy as it sounds, Abraham Lincoln being a vampire hunter really works, if only for the fact that it's such an off the wall idea. And while the film is only good for entertainment value, Abe is a pretty skilled hunter! He fought like Van Helsing, only with more grounded weapons.

After witnessing his mother's demise at the hands of a vampire, Lincoln seeks vengeance against the night breed and dedicates his life to training and becoming a masterful slayer before running for president. All through the ages, Lincoln downs the population numbers for vampires, and seals his legacy.

3. Blade ('Blade')

While in labor with her son, a woman was bitten by a vampire causing her son within her to come out at birth as a hybrid. Half-human and half-vampire, Blade was given his name by an old man and vampire hunter who goes by the name of Whistler. After almost killing Blade, Whistler knew he was unique, so he took young Blade in and trained him to become a hunter of his own kind.

Blade is a total badass. That's the only word that you can really use for this guy. He's full of dark humor, but he's very serious and vicious. He's a forced to be reckoned with. He wins every battle and has faced the badest of the bad.

2. Van Helsing ('Dracula')

Peter Cushing's legacy holds many characters and films under it's belt. His portrayal as Van Helsing in several Hammer horror films throughout years and years. Everyone loves watching Cushing slay the undead scum. He's such an iconic actor, and he gave this character a face.

I don't think I've ever met anyone who isn't a fan of this guy and these awesome films. He will always be the Van Helsing we all remember and cherish. His face is what you see when you hear the name.

1. Buffy Summers ('Buffy the Vampire Slayer')

Everyone knows who Buffy is. She's simply one of the most iconic television characters ever devised. Anyone, young and old, can tell you who Buffy is. Because she stole so many hours of our lives as we watched the show religiously. While I know most would say Peter Cushing deserves the #1 spot, I disagree. Buffy is the greatest vampire slayer ever. Period.

Chosen as the slayer, Buffy fights to keep her town, and the world safe. She's saved the world a total of 7 times. But she doesn't slay alone, she has her "scooby gang" who tag along and help. Consisting of her friends and relatives, Buffy was always close to those who surrounded her and has died to save their lives...and returned.


  1. One of my favourite vampire hunters is Anthony Hopkins portrayal of Van Helsing in "Bram Stoker's Dracula". Great performance even if the film isn't the best it could've been!

    1. Oh yeah, he did a great job! Hopkins is a very skilled actor.

  2. I really enjoyed this. And Im really glad you mentioned Sam and Dean! Though my all time would be Vampire Hunter D.

    1. Thanks homie! Yeah, Sam and Dean are very worthy of being on the list. Had I included anime or cartoons, Vampire Hunter D would be very near the top.


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