Thursday, July 25, 2013

Psycho Cop Returns (1993)


Synopsis taken from IMDb
psychopath cop decides to kill everyone who he thinks has broken the law.

Once I was a few minutes into this one I could tell why so many people seem to like it. It has the genuine feel of a grindhouse film, with it's gritty interior and exterior. This is more like a throwback to the 70's exploitation flicks than it is a near-mid 90's movie.

In this film, Psycho Cop crashes a bachleor party, and honestly I'm glad he did. I didn't think any of the strippers were attractive, maybe it was a 90's thing, but I have a higher standard than what was in this movie. So I was extremely dissapointed with the fact that out of a handful of near-naked darlings, there wasn't one that I was wanting to look at.

No, like the first film, there is no character developement or likeable characters. Really, it's just a bunch of mindless guys acting like fools and thinking they're cool. Not having good characters does either two things, it either kills the whole movie or it makes the movie fun. This was the latter.

The writing is so simple that it's totally fine if you text, chat, or get up to eat with this movie playing, and the only thing you'll miss is bad acting or worse dialog. Trust me, I did all of the above and was still able to follow the movie completely. It's literally a cop shows up to a party and starts killing people, there's nothing to it.

What struck me was that somehow it was actually really enjoyable! I wasn't looking for good acting or dialog when I went into watching, I didn't even know what to expect. I just went in hoping it would be better than the original, and it was.

The kills are a little better, but the effects are still bad. Due to the fact that I actually sort of liked this fim, I didn't mind the flaws. I just saw it as a fun movie. You don't have to stare at the screen the entire duration, you can even have it on as background noise and only catch bits and pieces and it'll be one that you'll enjoy.

I liked the ending of this installment because it resorted in the civilians getting back at the corrupt bastard and jumping the living hell out of him with weapons. Of course it didn't keep him down but, it was a good redemption scene that for some reason reminded me of "The Warriors". It was probably just the rough around the edges type of scene it is.

I can't say that I'm a big fan of either film, but I certainly didn't mind this one. This is a good film in comparison to "Maniac Cop", unlike it's predecessor. I approve this movie, it's a lot of fun, and it's an easy watch.

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