Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pacific Rim Defines Epic


Synopsis taken from IMDb
As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse.  

In a world where the apocalypse has been done what seems like a billion times over, leave it to none other than Guillermo Del Toro to fascinate us with not only something completely original, but truly epic. Earlier this year when the trailer hit, I was extremely excited for this film to land. And now that it has, I'm even more pumped because it was even better than my expectations built it up to be.

Truthfully speaking, this film is just completely amazing. I can't believe how good it is! It's one of those rare films where after you walk out of the theater, the first conversation piece is when you're seeing it again. This is one of those movies that I think everyone on the planet should see at least once in their lives, it should make everyone's bucket list. There wasn't a boring part in the entire film, the whole duration is thrilling and gripping, and it's damned near impossible to take your eyes off of the screen.

If you follow Del Toro as closely and loyally as I do, than you know his creative side, and that his creatures in every film are always unique and different. This film is no different. Despite the amount of Kaiju's shown in the film, they're all brilliantly designed and different. Nothing else considered, just looking at the intricate monsters is enjoyment enough. Not to mention the Jaeger's, which are fantastic as well.

The action scenes are unlike anything you've seen before, they're totally new and mesmerizing. I can't recall another film that's had action sequences of this proportion before, and I know the term gets thrown around a lot, but "Pacific Rim" is absolutely 100% epic. It's consumes and enthralls you from the opening scene until the end. There is nothing that isn't spectacular about this film! And the 3D is gorgeous! This is probably the best film in 3D I've ever seen.

One of the most important things that I have to say about this film, is that they did a very good job of keeping a lot of the film out of the trailers. You may think you know about this film from what commercials you've seen, but it's a whole other motion picture than what you'd expect! I love that. Even though I did like the "Evil Dead" remake, I have to admit that the best parts of that film were spoiled in the trailers. That is not the case with this masterpiece. This may just be Guillermo Del Toro's greatest film to date, it's definitely the most enjoyable.

I also have to mention Charlie Hunnam's performance. Although he can tend to be a little stiff sometimes, he really came out of his shell in this film as Raleigh Becket. I'm truly glad, because I feel that sometimes he can get overlooked as an actor. So it's really satisfying to see him showing off a different side of himself and playing someone completely new! Great job all around on the cast. And Idris Elba is phenomenal as Stacker Pentecost, and he rivals Hunnam.

There is only two small flaws that I found with this film. One of them being a spoiler, so I'm not spilling the beans, though it has nothing to do with a twist or the end of the film. And the other being that I don't feel that the fact that it was the end of the world was stressed enough. It's mentioned a few times, but due to the fact that you don't see any civilians living their lives, and how the Kaiju invasion has impacted them, you don't get a real connection that it's the apocalypse. Nonetheless, this is truly a near-perfect film. It's very, very close, and I haven't given a film this high of a rating in years. 

It may be clichè, but the best word to describe this film is breathtaking. I reckon I'll see this film at least 5 more times when it comes out on Blu-Ray. This is the movie the world needs right now. This is what summer blockbusters are supposed to be. 


  1. One of the best of the summer, I'm still in shock that Grown Ups 2 beat it at the box office.

    I loved this just as much as you did!

    1. Me too man, what a crock! Either people chalked this up as another Reel Steel and didn't want to give cgi giants brawling a shot, or they still think Sandler is funny.


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