Monday, July 1, 2013

Crowsnest (2012)


Synopsis taken from IMDb
In late summer of 2011, five young friends on a road trip went missing after being attacked by nomadic cannibals in a huge RV. Video was recorded by the victims and recovered by police as evidence in their still-unsolved murders. 

For some reason, Netflix gave this film a very high rating, so I figured I'd watch it. Only later did I realize that they've overrated a ton of movies. Giving some awful films 4 stars and up! I figure it's just some technical difficulties going on, but still, I would have liked to have known what I was getting into...

"Crowsnest" is a found footage movie, that doesn't bring anything new to the table. The found footage route is getting pretty overused as it is, so for a film to come out that's got nothing to offer is really just dropping the ball. You've got so many found footage films coming out like the "V/H/S" films, that have very creative short stories. So for this film to be full length and not have a single thing be memorable is just very poor.

There are some moments, actually there is one single moment, where my jaw dropped and thought this film had some opportunity. But as it turned out, my shock and surprise was only a momentary thing. 

I didn't like a single character and their dialog felt forced. Even though some of it came off as genuine, you're never taken out of the fact that it's a movie, nothing about it is believable, and that is crippling for a found footage film. The realism is what these types of films thrive on!

You can tell that this film is trying to imitate others, and one of them being overly obvious. They attempted to create the fear that we felt in "Jeepers Creepers", when the Creeper's rusty truck was running Darry and Trish off of the road. Only in this movie, it's done with a big white RV, and it couldn't be less scary. I really didn't care if the RV hit the stars of this film, because it didn't seen authentic. It's cheap scares and it's been done way better before.

Of course, as the film progresses and things get worse and worse, the lead characters want to hash it out and argue. They waste time and energy of drama that I couldn't care less for. The realism isn't there, so the characters are poorly written and any and all drama comes off as cliche Hollywood horror. 

There's some gore, but it's nothing noteworthy. There's few effects, but what is there is decent. This movie relied on being a paranoid film, and it didn't work at all. I don't think this movie would scare you unless you're a young teenager just discovering horror. It's sad how mediocre this film is.

In conclusion, this is a film I won't be finding myself ever watching again. I got not a single thing out of it. I found myself texting my way through the movie just to stay awake. I usually try to not be hard on horror films that I find bad, but this one felt like it took no effort to make, so the truth deserves to be spoken. "Crowsnest" falls short in every possible way and is a complete waste of time.

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