Friday, April 26, 2013

Hannibal: episode 5 "Coquilles"

Now I just found out that episode 4 is online to watch, so I've already watched last nights episode so I'll just roll with the punches. Episode 4 was pulled from the lineup due to controversial content. So now you all know to watch it online, if you haven't already. I'll be watching it tonight most likely but I don't think I'll be reviewing it since we're an episode ahead now.

"Conquilles" starts off with Will Graham not waking up in the middle of the forest and not knowing how he got there, though he is conscious of where he is. The local police look at him like he's crazy.

Will goes to a therapy session and seeks Hannibal's advice. Hannibal comforts him with his knowledge and courtesy and ultimately puts it in Will's head that Jack Crawford is the reason he's losing his mind. Jack and all of his investigations he makes Will go on, knowing how it effects Will.

Downtown, we see a suspicious looking guy looking at a couple and from his perspective, their heads are balls of fire.

Later, Jack calls Will to a crime scene in a hotel where we see the couple knelt down at the end of the bed in prayer poses. But they're dead and their backs have been skinned in order to appear as if they have flesh wings. The wings are holstered up to the ceiling with fishing line. They discover that the bed is soaked in sweat and the nightstand is covered in vomit. The murderer couldn't stomach what he did.

Back at Hannibal's house, Jack Crawford and his wife Phyllis are being served dinner by Dr. Lecter. Hannibal smells Phyllis and says she has a lovely perfume on, but we know they're another reason. During dinner we get serious reason to believe that Phyllis and Jack aren't getting along lately and Hannibal observes.

Another crime is committed and Will is able to figure out that their killer is targeting criminals. This also leads him to believe that their unsub is having issues with his own faith and that something bad probably happened to him recently. 

Phyllis begins seeing Hannibal for therapy sessions and we discover that she has cancer and that's what Hannibal smelled on her earlier in the episode when she and Jack were having dinner with him. She's scared to tell Jack and face him, she's mentally beat up and physically tired.

A woman comes to Will and Jack and gives them information that leads them to believe her husband is who they're looking for.

After finding another victim, Will and Jack realize that the deceased is actually their killer. He killed himself and sacrificed himself. Will and Jack have words when Will snaps at Jack about how he's sick of the job and it's ruining him. We're really beginning to see a decrease in Will's stamina and ability.

Jack goes to Hannibal's office to confront his wife and Dr. Lecter leaves them his office while he leaves. Phyllis tells Jack about her cancer and how she isn't doing chemo sessions. She also tells him that there's nothing he can do to comfort her.

Later, Will joins Jack in his office and says they need to talk. They both sit there in silence as Will knows Jack's not thinking clearly and the episode ends.

Another solid episode from this show! I'm loving it. I'm actually really intrigued to watch the 4th episode now. I don't want to miss a second of this show!


  1. Im not hooked on this show yet, but im giving it a shot. Having read the series of books, and loving them, i hope this really picks up and starts to fill in the gaps about who hannibal really is. RIght now, i think the show is really focused on WIll Graham and not enough of Lector. Being only a few episodes in, i gotta push through and see if there is any progression. hopefuly, things start to pick up soon.

    1. I think that's why the shows going so well-the fact that there is little Hannibal in it. Hannibal is better off being a background character like in Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs. The second they started trying to make him the star the films and the books wen to hell. He's a boring character when the focus is on him. Part of his appeal is the fact that there's mystery to him.


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