Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Following: episode 15 "The Final Chapter"


Last night's finale found me having my heart in my throat for the last ten minutes. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was heart-stopping.

We start off seeing that Joe has taken Claire to a secluded island with a nearby lighthouse. Joe and Claire still aren't getting along, that's safe to say.

Agent Hardy and Weston, along with the rest of the FBI try and find where agent Parker was taken as they watch a security video showing her being put in a trunk. Hardy sees a little boy approaching the station wearing an Edgar Allen Poe mask. The little guy tells Hardy and the FBI that some girl paid him $20 to wear the mask. Inside of it is written a number in marker.

They call the number to find that it belongs to the cell phone left with agent Parker in her coffin.

The FBI tracks down the car agent Parker was taken in and see that the tire is slashed, realizing that the car was meant to be found. Not a second later they undergo severe gunfire. Hardy is able to sneak away without being seen by the sniper and disarm him. Hardy and Weston take the sniper into a run down shack and demand that he tells them where Parker is or they'll torture him. Not believing them, the follower gets smug to which causes him to get beat down and having Hardy damn near poke his eyes out. He talks and tells them where Parker is buried.

On the way to the burial site, Parker tells Weston and Hardy how proud she is of them and how glad she is she got to work with them. She's breathing faintly and sounds tired. Hardy and Weston arrive on the scene a mere moments later and dig her up, only to find that she didn't make it. After a moment of their mourning, the sniper starts mocking them and Hardy goes over to him and shoots him dead like a dog, a lot like what Brad Pitt did in "Se7en" to Kevin Spacey.

In Parker's coffin, Hardy finds Joe's book and skims through it to find that it's all been planned. Everything. Their arrival to Parker's burial being too late to save her and the shootout that happened earlier. But Joe got some things wrong, in his book Weston got killed at the shootout earlier. Thus leaving them hope to change the story. As Hardy reads on, he discovers where Claire is and what he has to do.
He holds agent Weston at gunpoint and insists that he not be followed.

Meanwhile, Joe and Claire have a heated discussion and Joe kills a man he's taken hostage right in front of her. Showing her who he is and making her face it.

When Ryan arrives, he's greeted by Emma who makes him take his gun and phone out. He is then blindsided by another follower and drugged. 

Ryan wakes up to Claire tied in a chair and Joe holding a knife. This is where Joe and Ryan finally have it out with words. Ryan provoking him to change his ending from killing Claire to killing him. He starts really getting under Joe's skin before he makes a quick attack and chases Joe off. Once untied, Ryan chases Joe into the boat house and they fight their final fight as a fire breaks out from Ryan's gun shooting some gas cans. Joe struggles but is finally defeated by Ryan as he's thrown into the fire that becomes a huge explosion.

Ryan talks the FBI agents into letting him take Claire back to his house and so he does. There, they're about to have a nice romantic dinner. The takeout guy is very suspicious and Ryan doesn't see it because he's in ecstasy over his victory. He hears a bang, as if someone opened and closed his door. So he goes to check and sees nothing, so he locks it. Only to be greeted in the kitchen by his neighbor Molly, who after stabbing him in the stomach, tells him about her being a follower and how her chapter is killing Ryan.

Claire inters the room and is stabbed in the back by Molly and Ryan screams leaving us with a cliffhanger.

I knew the finale was going to pack some punch and it didn't let me down. It was a solid finale to a solid first season. I'm sad agent Parker is gone, but I'm glad they killed her off to stop being so predictable with her near death encounters. 

If I have one issue with the finale it's that I think Weston should have had a bigger part to play. He's been through hell and still there fighting the good fight and I feel like he earned having some spotlight. I get that Joe and Ryan's story was more important, but I think they could have squeezed him in more.

Oh, and Emma didn't die. I'm mad about that...

I can only imagine what's going to happen next season as it looks like Joe's followers will still be going strong and keeping his legacy alive. If anything, his death may be the cause of more followers and you've got to think that they're going to be very angry at Ryan and Claire.



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