Thursday, April 18, 2013

"The Shining" prequel "The Overlook Hotel" is in development!

The Overlook Hotel is the story of the grisly murders that happened in the hotel leading up to the events in the classic 1980 The Shining. This news comes in addition to the fact that Stephen King just finished his prequel to The Shining, titled Doctor Sleep. The book centers around Danny as an adult and what's come of him after losing his father and leaving the hotel.

The Overlook hotel is currently in development by Warner Bros. But no clue as to when it'll be hitting the big screen. After parting ways with The Walking Dead, Glenn Mazzara is writing the script for the prequel. It's speculated that Glenn left The Walking Dead due to differences between he and The Walking Dead graphic novel creator Robert Kirkman.

I'm ready to find out what the story is with the old woman in the tub (who still scares the hell out of me), as well as the twins. I've read the book by Stephen King, but I doubt this'll be true to what happened in the book since Stanley Kubrick changed so much for the 1980 film. This is big shoes to fill for Warner Bros. and Glen Mazzara, so let's hope we can get a good movie out of this.

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