Wednesday, September 25, 2013

EVIDENCE isn't just another found footage film


Synopsis taken from IMDb 
A detective hunts down a killer using video footage shot by the victims of a massacre at an abandoned gas station. 

I can't really say that I was expecting much from this one but, being truthful, it delivered more than I expected. Although I'm a fan of HBO's "True Blood", Stephen Moyer hasn't done anything to impress me. Most of all the things I've seen him in haven't been very favorable to say the least. So, it was a nice change of pace to see him in a film with some real potential. 

Rather than following the cast around for 90 mins, the way most found footage movies do, this one actually incorporates some story. And, in between watching the footage found, we see inside the police department as investigators study and inspect the recorded evidence. We also see how the officers react to watching what they're seeing, and try to solve the mystery. I liked that this was done in such a way to mix-up what's now common for the found footage genre. This one makes the effort to go a little further, and do a little more... 

Detective Burquez (Radha Mitchell) heads the investigation, along with the help of Detective Reese (Stephen Moyer). Reese lost his child recently, and he demands to be on this case. Although Detective Burquez doesn't want Detective Reese around due to it being so close to the tragedy that he's recently undergone, she lets him join in on the investigation. My problem with this scenario is that I think Detective Reese was accepted onto the case in way to easy of a manor. It's stressed how unstable he is, yet he's brought in with hardly any debating. I find this to be on the unrealistic side. 

As they watch the videos from camcorders and cell phones, we see three friends going on a trip. And, they see it go terribly wrong as their stalked and killed off one by one by a man in a welding outfit. Using fire to kill most of the victims, we see that whoever this sicko is, clearly likes to torture his victims. However, lack of character development makes it hard to feel any sorrow or sympathy for the group struggling for survival.

All of the detectives back at the station, bounce back and forth trying to figure out who is behind the grisly murders. Theory after theory gets thrown out and contradicted. Ultimately, we're left trying to solve the puzzle with them. One thing that I can say, is that I didn't find it to be very predictable. Yeah, there are some scenes that you can sense coming a mile away but, there's things you don't expect as well. Especially the ending. Much like countless other horror films, everyone is a suspect, and it's all a matter of figuring out who the best liar is.

Overall, I'd say that I enjoyed this film. I'd also state that even though I'll go on record as saying I like it, I'll also go on record and say that I probably won't ever watch it again. It's one of those films that you just don't care to see again. Once is enough. Also, one of the main reason it's not re-watchable, is because it's not scary at all. It's suspenseful at times, but mostly, we just watch a bunch of random things happening. Nothing about it creeps me out, or even got a slight jump from me. 

It's just a lot of story and theorizing. In the end, "Evidence" is just one of those movies that exists. It's just there, take it or leave it. It isn't a complete waste of time but once you've seen it, you'll never need to see it again. I'm just thankful Stephen Moyer decided to do something slightly better than a terrible movie.


  1. Weird, isn't there another found footage film with the same name? Involving some kinda weird hairy monsters in the woods?

    1. Yep! Back from 2012, I believe. It was hard to find stuff on this film since it has the same title.

  2. Dude, I LOVED this movie. I need to finish my review, too, because all I've read besides yours is other reviews just crapping all over it. I thought it had something cool to offer that's a bit different from other found footage films and that's always appreciated.


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