Thursday, September 26, 2013


a.k.a. Fairytale 


Synopsis taken from IMDb 
A single mother moves into a new house with her daughter. Soon after the young girl has her first baby tooth fall out, she begins to recount that she is having nocternal visits by a tooth fairy. It seems the house has a sinister history. 

If this were a newer movie from this year, my title would read "THE HAUNTING OF HELENA is another terrible and pointless ghost flick". However, it's not a newer film, so I have to reserve that title for another ghost motion picture that is equally as bad, which unfortunately, there's never a short supply of. 

This was one that I found not only hard to sit through but, hard to get through. If it wasn't for my OCD, I would have turned this off less than a half-hour in. I'm adding this onto my list of movies that I strongly advise others from watching. It's not scary. The acting is atrocious, and the story is just plain old lame. It has potential, but it is washed away with hideous storytelling and lack of conviction in anything. 

I liked the tooth fairy angle but, I hate what they did with it. Taking children's teeth and putting them in her own mouth, really? What the hell kind of ghost, fairy, spirit, or whatever is dumb enough to try and fit children's teeth in their mouth? So stupid! Looks like "Darkness Falls" remains the scariest tooth fairy motion picture around... 

There's no believable dialogue spoken, no likeable characters, and there's no substance to it. It's just another half-assed attempt at cheap tricks and loud noises to create a jump from the audience. The catch is, the music overcompensates for how non-scary this picture really is. The score turns up so loud that it gives the scare away and misses the point completely. Rather than tell us when to be scared, I prefer a more classier tale that lets the viewer know when to be terrified on their own. We learn the past of the home in which Helena (Sabrina Jolie Perez) and her mother, Sophia (Harriot MacMasters-Green)are now living, and it's underwhelming. 

Although at the end, there is an effort to make a solid twist. However, it falls flat like the rest of the film. There's hardly any gore in this one as well, which doesn't sit well with me. I try to be on a positive note as often as always, this is just one of those type of movies that don't do a thing for me. It's also one that I can't understand why anyone would like it! Usually, I see what some people may find intriguing about a motion picture that I don't like. 

That's not the case here. In the end, this is a lost film and a lost cause. Screw finding it in the $5 bin at your local Walmart, you can probably get this one at a flea market for under $5. And I'd still consider that overpaying. With no redeemable qualities whatsoever, I must confess that I despise this flick as a whole. Movies like this is why some say horror is dead. 

So, I make it a point to drive home how awful this, and films like it are. The only way I'd recommend this movie is if you're looking for a bad movie that's so stupid and pointless it'll put you in a foul mood. There's nothing memorable about it other than the bad taste you're left with after wasting precious time of your life watching it.

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