Thursday, September 19, 2013

THIS IS THE END is really funny


Synopsis taken from IMDb
While attending a party and James Franco's house, Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel and many other celebrities are are faced with the apocalypse. 

While everyone in this flick has been in some things not worth a second viewing, they've all also been in some really good pictures. So, I was excited going into this one. The whole concept is just ridiculous enough to pull me in. And, the best thing about it, for me, is that everyone plays themselves. Even if they are exaggerated versions of who they are, it still works.

First of all, it takes a little long to get interesting. For the majority of the beginning, we just see Seth Rogan and Jay Baruchel hanging out, and catching up. While this doesn't really benefit the movie, it does help build story between them that blossoms towards the end. Jay doesn't like the idea of going to Franco's house, because he doesn't feel that he fits in, and isn't fond of any of Rogan's friends. With a little persuasion, Jay tags along. 

Once they arrive at Franco's home is when things start to get funny, and we get away from the serious drama. Though the laughs are there, to me, it still drags on a bit too much. Until the apocalypse happens, all there really is to laugh at, is how everyone acts and makes asses of themselves. The party definitely seems like a good time, even if Jay doesn't enjoy it. 

When the end of the world begins, the film goes from funny to laugh-out-loud hilarious. They're none equipped for such a catastrophe, and they handle things in such an immature and stupid way that you can't help but crack up. I am actually very surprised by how religious this movie is, and how true it stays to the Bible in terms of how the apocalypse goes down. It manages to not be overwhelmingly righteous but, the message is there, clear as day! I like that they went this route, because in today's society it's not really cool to believe in God anymore. So, I appreciate that they keep it old school, and by the book (pun intended).

Pretty much, all of the chosen people on earth are taken to heaven through beams of light that looks like something from a UFO, and it's easy to believe at first that it's aliens abducting people. One may even think that's the direction it's going but, once the religious aspect is brought into the picture, you see that all the sinners, including everyone at Franco's party, are "left behind" to live in hell. But, what do these guys do? They take an abundance of narcotics and party.

Danny McBride is the person I was probably looking forward to the most, and I was kind of let down to see that his character isn't very likable, and even Franco himself doesn't like him. I love the scenes of them arguing with one another for some of the most idiotic things you can think of! Just senseless fun! Michael Cera is actually pretty good in this, and there's an appearance by Channing Tatum that had me going. Funny stuff.

Aside from all that, there's some classic scenes amongst the cast. Such as, the filming of "The Pineapple Express 2"  and "The Exorcism of Jonah Hill". This is the way these guys amuse themselves with what little time they have left on earth. And I'm glad they do, because it sure as hell makes for some quality entertainment.

No, this is not a perfect comedy. The acting isn't brilliant or extraordinary, it never is if you ask me. The story is simple, and didn't take a lot of thought. At least I'd hope that it didn't take a lot of thought for something so basic. On the other hand, this motion picture is well crafted and makes a good time. It's a lot better than some of the other films this cast has been it, bet on that.

Ultimately, the message is not to be a crappy person or in the end, you'll get what you have coming to ya. It's cool to see the guys and girls make fun of the fact that they're in the group of people who aren't good enough for heaven. It's even better to see them make the best of the time they have left, and discover that nothing is stronger than friendship. 

In conclusion, I wasn't as impressed as I was hoping to be but, I still like it.

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