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Exclusive Interview with Lauren Katz- Local Makeup FX Talent

Lauren and myself go back a while, I think we've been friends for about six or seven years. I always thought she was someone that I could talk to about horror movies, someone who understands and even has her own opinion to contribute. A horror chick I could talk horror with. Then she found out I had a website, and I've been noticing that she had gotten into doing makeup effects, things we didn't know about each other. So I asked her how she'd feel about me interviewing her for my website and she obliged.

GR:  Lauren, what is your favorite horror film?

LK: This is always a difficult question because I love so many...but the Hellraiser movies are what I watch the most.

GR: Who is your favorite horror movie director?

LK: Dario Argento, Stephen King and Clive Barker are my top favorites.

GR: What is the movie that inspired you the most?

LK: I really couldn't tell you. Mostly anything from the 1970's to the 90's and early 2000's. Of course CGI isn't a factor in the movies that I'd credit for inspiring me. Things without CGI like Day Of The Dead, The Evil Dead and the Hellraiser series are the things that inspire me. Seeing the monsters and creatures come to life. That's what drew my attention to FX art.

GR: Why do you like doing makeup effects? 

LK: I've done art my entire life, from painting (most mediums) to photography and modeling.  Makeup FX is always something I've wanted to try. I studied on my own for a long time and I honestly just enjoy the art of makeup because you can literally change someone into anything you want and it doesn't have to look perfect. That amazes me and I can't wait until I progress even more in the future.

GR: What's you goal, where do you wanna go with your talent and skills?

LK: My ultimate goal is to get myself noticed by directors who love my work and give me a chance to show them that I can help them execute their vision. I just want to be involved in horror movies, hell, I'd act in them but I want to see my name in the credits, to know I took part in making a horror motion picture. I want to travel to conventions, sign autographs and design a Special Effects School like Savini did. I want to be the next Greg Nicotero.

GR: Do you have a specific style you like doing most, like Zombies or Vampires? What's funnest for you?

LK: I LOVE making horrifying wounds; people in accidents, decomposure. I like doing things that make the squeamish turn their heads. And of course zombies. There's so much you can do with them and I started with doing them, so I'm always in my comfort zone when I'm doing them.

GR: What directors would you want to work with? 

LK: I would want to work with any of the Legends such as Carpenter, Raimi, Barker and George A. Romero.

GR: Is there any horror film that you can't watch?

LK: For some reason The Sixth Sense traumatized me when I first saw it. People walking around not knowing their dead is just chilling. It's the small scenes with ghosts popping up that really did it for me.

GR: How many hours a week do you put into doing makeup?

LK: It depends how many customers or volunteers I get that week for my portfolio. It could be 24 hours a week or it could be 5. It varies. But now that I'm working at a horror attraction, I'll be doing at least 40.

GR: Are you ever having ideas of things you'd like to do and try?

LK: That is something I still struggle with. Creating something original and not your everyday monster is tough because so many artists create creatures out of this world. I'm constantly working on it though. I'd like to be the proud maker of a famous movie monster some day.

GR: When did you first start doing makeup effects?

LK: I've always done my own Halloween makeup since I could pick up a brush, I started  doing Halloween makeup at age 13 and haven't stopped since. I love it.

GR: What is the first horror film you ever saw?

LK: I don't think it was a film, I'm pretty sure it was an episode of Goosebumps (laughs). Movie-wise I'm certain it was Tod Browing's"Freaks" and I was 13.

GR: As far as your work goes, are you limited to just horror or would you do action movies or other types if they required makeup effects?

I'd do anything that would allow me to show my talent. You've got to always be prepared for anything. I'm always up for a challenge.

GR: What got you started into doing makeup?

LK: Oh wow, this goes back to when I was a young girl. I was really interested in art and painting, any medium honestly. Fashion, beauty and Vogue runway. After I studied and became a self-taught makeup artist I went to Avant Garde Modeling and Photography, worked photo shoots for others and my own business. Got on a few magazines, and I stuck with that for a while. I loved horror but I didn't persue it right away, and then one day I realized that making makeup FX is what I'm meant to do and not beauty and fashion.
 FX is where I can be free with my art and I've stuck with my dream ever since.

I'd like to thank Lauren again for joining me in this interview, it was a pleasure. I always like to pick her brain. No pun intended.

For those of you who would like to see some of her work in person head on down to Frightland, a horror attraction park. It's the horror version of a carnival and it's pretty awesome. I'll be going again this year, it's been a few years since I've last gone. Swing by the site for more details.

And to contact or follow Lauren visit her Facebook page.

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  1. I love that you're doing interviews now :) Nice work, Lauren!


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