Saturday, August 9, 2014

About me

If you're looking to contact me for a screener or book review, click HERE. Otherwise, please check out the FAQ HERE and read the post below  before reading any of my "reviews" or articles.

Hi, my name is Drew, but my friends call me Grimm. I was given that nickname after friends and family saw Cabin Fever (2002) and said that I was identical to the part Eli Roth plays, named Grim. The nickname stuck with me ever since.

I've been watching horror movies for over 20 years, and while I've seen so many that it's impossible to count, I'm always finding new ones I haven't seen before and watching them. In fact, I almost always  have a few page list of movies that I need to watch. Those are what I primarily review. I hardly ever tap into reviewing a movie I've seen dozens of times unless it's for Throwback Thursday, in which I do a weekly review of an old favorite of mine. Aside from that, I basically review whatever I want or feel like talking about. The only exceptions are screeners and book reviews. I've been told that my reviews are "too critical", and on the other foot, I've been told that I "overpraise" movies. Really, it just comes down to my passion towards film and how serious I take it. I am one of the many out there who believe cinema to be art, so I look for all types of qualities when watching and reviewing a movie. After watching a movie, if I strongly dislike it, it'll come out in my review. If I really enjoy it, that will come out in my review. All reviews are subjective, so I'm not worried about having people agree or disagree with me. The thing that separates me from other common movie and book reviewers is that I am unbiased, and judge things fair and down the middle. For example, just because I like Christian Bale as an actor doesn't mean that when he has a bad movie or does terrible in a role, that I won't say so. And the same goes for just about anything and everything. I'm not a brown noser, I'm just honest and speak from the heart regardless of if that's the popular thing to do all the time.

I know a lot about all genres, honestly. I can have a good chat with anyone on almost any movie. For example, I could talk people under the table about Raging Bull. See, I don't just like watching movies, I love educating myself on them. If I am pleased after watching a movie for the first time, I'm likely to go on to learn a ton of info from the movie. I'm the guy who will watch a movie with four commentaries and eight hours of bonus material, and absorb everything I can on the topic. Not to mention that I do a very fair share of reading too. I do this for every film I like from all genres. However, horror has been my favorite genre since childhood, so that's what I like to talk about the most, and this blog is my outlet. I don't always tend to fill my reviews with all the knowledge I've taken in, but I'm constantly working on making my reviews better all the time. I do include major spoilers in my reviews unless it's a brand new movie, in that case I dull the spoilers down to mild for the sake of those who want to read my thoughts without having the whole movie spoiled for them. If you see some of my older posts you'll notice that I used to go by a rating system of stars, but I've decided to do away with rating movies. Reason being, I don't want to influence someone too much to see or not see a film based on a low or high grade. I believe everyone should check things out for themselves, and not just go off of the word of others such as myself. Also, I do not and have not ever done a paid post. But, I do have links to Amazon in my reviews that I do get commission on if someone(s) click and buy from the link provided. All other sources of revenue come solely from other affiliates, which are on the top right hand side of my blog.  For any other info on how I rate movies, please check the FAQ link at the top of this post.

Lastly, I'm going to bring up my comments policy. Please feel free to leave a comment! I love interacting with other horror fans. I don't mind my opinion being challenged, and a good healthy debate is always in the cards for me. However, if you are only commenting to insult me and/or troll, you're comment will not be published or replied to. If your comment is relevant, it will be posted and I'll gladly engage you in conversation.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you like what you see with this blog of mine.

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