Monday, July 23, 2012

Lollipop Chainsaw (game)

A while ago I remember seeing a big cardboard stand in GameStop of Lollipop Chainsaw while my girlfriend bought the Saw 2 video game (which was dreadful). And I thought this game looked awesome, however, I'm not a big gamer so I doubted that I'd ever really play the game, I just thought it looked cool.

It's been a few months since then and a buddy of mine had it and told me about it, he said it was fun and hilarious. He said there was even a cheat to let you look up Juliet's skirt.

My friend then offered me the game to try it out, so I was psyched!

Instantly I knew I'd like this game, it has alot going for it though it may not be the greatest game ever made, they nailed it on the entertaining parts for sure.

-The controls were easy to use and remember
-The stuff you can buy benefits you drastically especially the combos.
-The humor was great, very dark humor and sarcastic. 
-The graphics were awesome and the movie cut scenes were awesome! I'd like to see a cg movie!
-The bosses were creative and destructive

One of the coolest things as well as funniest and over-the-top is that Juliet cuts her boyfriend, Jake's head off to preserve him from becoming a zombie after being bitten. You can take his head and put it on zombie bodies and play as him to assist Juliet in her missions.

This game was pure fun!

The game does have some faults though...

-The bosses were too easy and got kind of annoying after a while because they're repetitive and keep returning.

-Sometimes reversing attacks and avoiding attacks can be harder, it seems to me that Juliet doesn't do what you always tell her to.

There's not much to complain about if you just want a fun game to play but if you're wanting Final Fantasy turn away. I loved this game and thought it reminded me of a more modern day Buffy. 

The zombie killing was awesome and the chainsaw blaster was crazy and fun to use. My favorite part was zombie baseball.

I'm not going to ruin any spoilers for anyone who's playing the game, I hate spoilers. So I'll cut this short and say that the ending is awesome and very fitting.



  1. I've been looking at this game but was unsure if I wanted to risk purchasing it. Movie director James Gunn had a lot of involvement in the game, and helped write the story!

    I've put a link to this page on my blog, I enjoy reading it. Good work!


  2. I recommend it if you're looking for a fun zombie killing game!

    And thank you so much! I'm honored.

  3. This game looks SO fun. I must play!!!

    Wow, Grimm, you're getting mad props :) Congrats!

  4. Thanks Tare, much appreciated.

    You should check the game out!


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