Friday, July 6, 2012

A Serbian Film (2010)


Synopsis taken from IMDb
In Serbia, the retired porn star Milos is married with his beloved wife Marija and they have a little son, Peter, that is their pride and joy. The family is facing financial difficulties, but out of the blue, Milos is contracted by the porn actress Lejia that offers him a job opportunity in an art film. Milos is introduced to the director Vukmir that offers a millionaire contract to Milos to act in a film. However, Vukmir neither show the screenplay nor tell the story to Milos. Milos discuss the proposal with Marija and he signs the contract. But sooner he finds out that Vukmir and his crew are involved in sick snuff films of pedophilia, necrophilia and torture and there is no way back to him and maybe it is too late to protect his family.

Wow. Where do I begin?

I guess it all started when myself and some other horrorhounds were in a forum chatting about horror films and I've seen all the ones mentioned. I even got some people to add some things to their queue that they haven't seen yet that I recommended. Then a guy comes in talking about A Serbian Film and how it's the most hardcore movie he's seen and how alot of people can't take watching it.

Now call me sick in the head but being a horror fan as hardcore as me means that when I hear someone say a movie is too brutal, gory, violent or just too screwed up I'm intrigued to give it a shot. It's what I do. I want to see anything horror that I can get my hands on. What does that say about me?

So after reading some things online about how screwed up this movie is I tossed the idea around in my head for days asking myself "is it worth it?" and "do you really want to watch that?" and ultimately I answered yes.

The movie starts off slow and steady and right off the bat I can see why people wouldn't want to sit through this. Very vulgar. And once the movie picks up it goes 100 miles per hour hitting you with one horrific thing after another. It certainly picks up the ball and runs with it.

I seriously don't recommend this film to anyone. I think that if you want to watch this on your own accord go right ahead and I hope you enjoy. But there's so many screwed up elements in this film that I don't wanna be the guy people are seeing it because.

My final impression after finishing the film was simple and easy. My jaw was dropped and I had no words. This movie is graphic in every aspect of the word and is not for everybody. I sat through it and didn't have to stop it or turn it off but that doesn't mean I'd watch it again anytime soon.

The sex and violence in this movie are no holds barred. They don't hold back and they're very believable. The gore is the same, very believable.

The film comes off as a glorified snuff film. The stuff they show in this movie is just crazy. It blew my mind. I can't say it was a bad movie either, just a really messed up one. This falls into the category of ones you'd watch every blue moon when you've had time to recuperate from it. Or it falls into the category of you'd never watch it again.

To me, it's one I'd watch every blue moon. And them blue moons are going to be few and far between. But I can't say I'd never watch it again.

This movie gets points for good acting, original story and for having a big brass set of balls and has no fear.

I give this film 3 stars.


  1. If you thought A sebian film was bad,check out August underground : mordum.Officially the sickest film i have ever seen.If you can sit through mordum,you can sit through anything.

  2. Really? I can't believe I haven't heard of it. I think I'll look into watching that tomorrow night! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I do want to be the guy that people are seeing "A Serbian Film" because of. :) I had over 3000 page views when I first reviewed it two years ago. It's absolutely the best adult horror movie made so far. I still give it 9 out of 10. The rubber baby was just silly looking so it loses a point. :D

    If you want to know about even sicker movies than this, I run a little forum-esque thingummy on Reddit - - where we watch all the nasties. We'll soon have you watching "Irreversible", "Grotesque" and the "Guinea Pig" series. ;)

  4. I just checked out your site and joined!

    And thanks for the suggestions, I'll give them a chance. I got no reason not to. Bring em on (laugh).

  5. Also,check out men behind the sun and the violent shit trilogy.I second the guinea pig films too!!amazing!!!Also give Martyrs a look.Its incredibly brutal.And,if you really want to push yourself,watch the vomit gore trilogy(i suggest watching reGOREgitated sacrifice and leaving the other two),itll blow your mind.

  6. I watched Mordum last night and yeah, I'll never watch that one again. Totally screwed up and twisted. That is definitely the worst film I've seen in terms of gore and brutality.

    I'm adding those others you mentioned to my list and will get to them sometime this week. I own Martyrs already and love it!


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