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The Dark Knight trilogy is the greatest comic book based films of all-time, no question. They're the films that broke the mold into what comic book films could be. These three films changed the face of how we'll forever see comic book movies. I've actually got quite an obssession going for these flicks, and regardless of what anyone says, myself and many others agree that they aren't just the best comic films, but they're some of the greatest films ever made, period.

Luckily, Hot Toys was on their game and released figures from all three pictures. And, they're not done! This October, one of their greatest creations ever, in their 14 years of existence is going to be released: Batman's armory with Bruce Wayne and Alfred action figures included. Though the price is steep at $624.99 a piece, there's no denying that it's worth every damn penny!And needless to say, I've got mine ordered. For more info about the armory, click here.

Hot Toys has this mentality to disappoint the really eager and up-tight fans of collecting whenever they release a pre-order item. However, all of the moaning and groaning by annoying collectors is almost always put at ease once the figure is released. Both because A) Hot Toys listens to their fans and B) collectors are to quick to discredit Hot Toys. I guess the more popular you are, the more haters you'll have...

Take their Catwoman/Selena Kyle figure from the third film in the franchise, "The Dark Knight Rises" for example. Everyone complained about all sorts of ridiculous things, but in the end, it ended up being an amazing figure and stunned collectors across the globe. Now I hardly come across a bad word about it!

While a basic figure with not a lot of accessories, the look of the overall figure's quality is stunning and looks completely realistic. The suit, the likeness of Anne Hathaway, and the paintjob all knock the ball out of the park! She's so sleek looking, and it really works for the overall realness and look.

Her eye mask is totally functional, you can make the goggle lenses flipped up on her head, or flip them down and have her using them, just like in the film. Crazy.

Then, take into account that she has 28 points of articulation, seven sets of different hands, and a pistol, and a really nice base, and it's easy to see why this collectible is on par with the quality we've come to expect from Hot Toys. I bought the limited exclusive edition, so mine came with an empty Batman cowl.

Although the suit makes it hard to pose her in a lot of ways due to it's tightness and material, there's still a ton of great poses you can get out of this one. Honestly, when I recieved mine last summer, I just posed her in a basic position and was totally happy with her. But I'm glad that I'm doing these reviews because I get to take a chance and play around posing them for pictures, and in doing so with her, I found a really good final pose. Articulation is a very important quality, because the better the pose, the better the figure looks. The trick is not only in finding the right pose that suits you, but finding one that explains the character just by looking at it with one look.

For example: for Catwoman, the idea is to go with a fiesty/sexy pose that also allows her to look dangerous. I found that posing her with her gun helps add the danger element, so all you really gotta do is come up with a creative pose.

This is only the second female action figure I have (the first being Pamela Voorhees), and despite any worries I had of this coming out looking like a Barbie, it really doesn't. And I think that's what impresses me most. Despite having real hair and a thin female frame, you can stand her side by side with other figures and she looks natural, totally un-doll like.

Ultimately, those who have this figure intend to keep it. And those who missed out on it, tend to regret not buying it and remain hopeful of finding one in the future at a reasonable price. Needless to say, most of The Dark Knight trilogy figures sell out almost instantly.

I'm very satisfied with the end result, and plan on never off-loading it to anyone else. When I buy collectibles I intend to keep it for the duration of my life. And this will be one people will always notice and mention when they see my stuff. I guarantee it.

4 out of 5 stars

Next Tuesday's toy review

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