Monday, May 6, 2013

Bates Motel: episode 8 "A Boy and His Dog"


Since I'm doing Hellraiser Madness Week I had to figure out a time to squeeze in the review for tonight's episode, even if it means doing 2 reviews a day. And tonight's episode covered a lot of ground, though it was still technically another filler episode.

Norman starts hanging out with Emma's father and learning the skills of taxidermy since his dog died in the previous episode. He seems enthused to learn the hobby. I like how they're incorporating things from the original film, building Norman up to be how he is and as we all know him to be. They're really going in the right direction here.

Norma makes a visit to the sheriff in an attempt to get a recommendation for a seat in the city council, so she can stray the citizens away from the idea of building a highway that'll jeopardize her motel business. When it doesn't go as she wanted she attempts to threaten the sheriff, but he quickly puts her in her place and she backs off. 

Dylan and Remo get send on a job and the air is still stiff with awkwardness between them. At a bar, they have out their differences and it breaks into a good old fashioned bar room brawl. After beating the resentment they have towards each other out, Dylan begins to see things from Remo's point of view. Remo's anger stems from being outranked by Dylan even though he's had his job for 23 years. Dylan is considered more reliable in the big bosses eyes.

After seeing the weird man in room 9 standing outside the motel and starring at her, Norma goes to do the housekeeping in his room. There he mentions how in town he heard about what happened with she and Deputy Shelby and his death. He then goes on to explain to her that he knew Keith Summers and knew about a sex trade going on. You can tell that he's just prying, trying to see if Norma reacts and gives him any reason to suspect her as being involved. It ends up working and Norma lets her nerves get the best of her and breaks a lamp due to trembling hands.

In the school bathroom, Emma hears the popular girls talking about how Norman is weird and how pathetic he is. When they start saying that Bradley would never touch Norman, Emma snaps and makes her presence known by telling off the girls and revealing that Bradley slept with Norman.

Dylan and Remo pick up some new people to take with them on the job they're heading too. Remo shows no patience for one of the men joining them and wants to leave him. Dylan lets the guy stay because it's his orders to bring everyone. Remember, Dylan is the reliable one. But after so much traveling, Dylan sees that Remo was right and that their new co-worker is rude and disrespectful. Dylan forces him out of the van at gunpoint and leaves him there in the middle of nowhere.

I like how we're seeing a new side to Dylan and Remo. They're good together and I can see them becoming good friends. Always have to watch for that though, whenever someone gets close something bad happens. I've seen too many TV shows to fall for that one. I am curious to see if Dylan will be reprimanded by the big boss for not obeying his direct orders. Remo is going to end up being a bad influence on Dylan.

Back at school, Bradley approaches Norman and asks him why he betrayed her and told the whole school about their little one night stand. After telling her he didn't say anything to anyone, Bradley tells him it should have never happened and storms off, leaving him in tears. One of Norman's teachers sees this happening and goes to stop Norman from leaving school only to see a violent side of him that scares her. He crudely smacks her hand away after screaming at her and leaves school, which isn't a good move.

Norma is called into the school by the principle and asked to come in and talk about Norman's behavior. When she arrives, she is greeted by Norman's teacher and the principle who tell her that not only is Norman suspended for 3 days but he also has to see a therapist now. Norma suggests her own doctor and not one of the school therapists.

Norma follows the weird man from room 9 to a boatyard and watches as he goes through Deputy Shelby's boat looking for something. As she's leaving, Norma is cut off by the man and he tells her that he knows she's following him and that he knows of her involvement with Shelby. He scares her off nearly causing her to trip as she runs. He also tells her that he knows she knows more than she's letting on.

In therapy, the psychiatrist can barely get through to Norman due to Norma sitting in on the session. She answers all the questions for Norman and controls the conversation. After getting nowhere with Norman, the doctor speaks to Norma in private where he tells her he wants to see Norman alone and suggests she seeks psychiatric help. Norma doesn't like this and puts the doctor in his place. You saw her insecurities peek through, she is too prideful to let someone tell her she needs help.

When she arrives back at the motel, Norma stomps down to room 9 and tells the man that she demands he leaves. She threatens him with the cops and he complies, but he lets it be known that it's not over and that Norma opened a can of worms that she didn't want to.

At Emma's house, she confesses to Norman about why she told all the girls about he and Bradley sleeping together. They hug and make up, possibly showing that they may end up dating in the future. 

Dylan arrives at the motel with his van full of workers and asks Norma if she'd be willing to give them rooms for 2 weeks while they're in town to work. Norma shows excitement and thanks Dylan. She and Dylan bond and make plans to go out to dinner once the guests are checked in. Once Norma enters her home she sees Deputy Shelby's corpse lying on her bed with his autopsy scars and a cotton ball in his missing eye. Norma screams for Norman and Emma and the screen fades to black.

I believe Norma is going to think Shelby's body is the works of Norman possibly, thinking he's done it in one of his blackouts. But I think it's apparent that it was the mysterious man from room 9. I want to see where this storyline is going with the man in number 9. He's a creepy character that doesn't seem like someone you'd want to get involved with or screw with. But Norma loves her drama...

With only 2 episodes left, one can only speculate what will happen but I see a few deaths going down more than likely. At least one big death. I was impressed with tonight's episode, we got lots of character development but I'm ready for the temperature to turn up. Hopefully we'll get some heat the next two episodes. I'll be watching.


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