Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hannibal: episode 7 "Sorbet"


Due to Hellraiser madness week, I'm late on posting my review of this weeks episode. But I'm here now. Better late than never, right? I'll make this one short and sweet.

This weeks episode was hot with new twists and character development. This was one of the best episodes of this show yet. Graham and Crawford and the BAU is called in to investigate a dead man found in a hotel bathroom. He's missing his kidney. Upon first opinion, they believe it to be the Chesapeake Ripper. Will has to make sure though and does his investigating, which I always love.

Will mentally puts himself in the scene and relives the murder to find that the murderer wasn't trying to kill the victim, they wanted help them. The hole in the side of the body where the kidney was taken was used to reach up and massage the heart. This leads Will to think that this isn't the works of the Chesapeake Ripper aka Dr. Lecter. This added curiosity to where the direction of this show is going. I thought this was a good route to take.

Meanwhile, Crawford is still being haunted by Miriam and getting phone calls from her number. The phone her hand was found holding rings from inside the morgue as well. These scenes are haunting just because you see how torn up Crawford is. He's loosing his marbles.

Dr. Bloom starts to believe that Crawford just wants the Ripper caught, no matter if Will gets put in harms way or not. He's not thinking clearly and risking others' lives. It's a good state of mind for Crawford to be in for the sake of the show. It adds an intensity and an unpredictable element to the story.

Lecter murders a medical examiner that was incredibly rude to him once before and takes his heart out. Once Graham and Crawford discover the body on a bus, Graham decides that this is the work of the Chesapeake Ripper, unlike the first body they discovered. I found this to be a good twist. Is Hannibal devolving already? Why's he getting so ballsy?

Lecter uses business cards of people he meets as a means to chose who's a victim. He ends up killing 4 more people to harvest their organs and throw a dinner party for a large group of people. I liked this aspect of the episode, they kept it gross but classy. They're really good at capturing what Lecter's character is like.

Once the BAU discover security footage revealing their organ harvester, they realize he's a part-time paramedic. They track the signal of the ambulance van to an old garage and discover Devon Silvestri as their organ thief. He's in the middle of stealing another organ when he gets busted. Luckily Hannibal is on scene an takes over aiding the victim while the BAU arrest Silvestri. Once Hannibal gets to work helping the organ victim, Will looks at him with a weird look in his eyes. This makes me think something popped in his head about Hannibal.

Another solid episode this week. A lot of questions still to be answered, but we've got 6 episodes left. Anything can happen.s


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