Friday, May 17, 2013

Hannibal: episode 8 "Fromage"


Last night's Hannibal really turned up the heat and for the first time, we got some action! 

We see Will becoming more unstable, dreaming of being in places and waking up in others. His mental decline is steadily increasing.

We see a new foe introduced, a musician by the name of Tobias. He makes his strings not out of cat guts, but out of human guts. The scene they show of him making the strings lead me to believe he was making spaghetti at first. Tobias claims a victim and flays open their throat revealing the vocal chords, and stuffs the neck of a cello down into the throat. Making a human instrument.

Hannibal's patient, Franklin suspects that Tobias is the one behind the murder and tells Dr. Lecter in a therapy session. This arises a suspicion of curiosity with Hannibal. 

After consulting with Lecter, Will Graham decides that this killer is serenading another.

When Will starts having audible hallucinations about animals in pain and his feelings for Alana Bloom are rejected, we see his mental state deteriorate even further. 

After Franklin confesses that Tobias wanted him to cut open someone's throat and play them like a violin, Lecter feels the need to confront Tobias. Finally coming face to face with him, Lecter finds out that not only is Tobias a murderer, he also knows of Lecters "extra curricular activity", and feels that they have a bond. Hannibal was the one being serenaded. Over dinner, Tobias admits that he was going to kill Lecter and Lecter confesses that he had plans to kill Tobias as well. But before things can get too heated, Will invites himself into Hannibal's house, chasing Tobias off.

Hannibal gives Will some clues that lead him to Tobias and when he and Tobias meet, the two officers that accompanied Will are murdered. Tobias escapes and head's to Hannibal's office.

At Hannibal's office, Lecter tells Franklin that he's giving him a recommendation to another shrink due to Franklin making their relationship too personal. Tobias shows up and comes at Franklin, but Hannibal breaks Franklin's neck in hopes to end the anger in Tobias. Instead, Hannibal finds himself in the fight of his life against Tobias. After taking a beating, Lecter gets the upper hand and kills Tobias.

Once the FBI show up at Hannibal's office to discover the dead bodies of Franklin and Tobias, Lecter tells a story of how Tobias came in and killed Franklin and then tried to kill him. The funny thing is, Will and Crawford don't buy the story so easily, even though Hannibal was confident in his lie.

Later, Hannibal tells his psychiatrist Dr. Bedelia  Du Maurier, that he thinks he found a true friend in Will.

This episode was very thrilling and shows us some more of what we can expect from the future of this show and where it's heading with the story and characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the fight scene with Hannibal. It's the first time we really got to see him in action and although you knew Hannibal would overcome and win, it was thrilling to see what would happen.

Will is becoming a more enjoyable character, it's becoming scary to see where his character's mind is going. You feel sorry for the guy, but can't help but find his situation entertaining.

I also like that they're introducing some villains that are serious threats now, even to Hannibal. This beefs up the story a lot when you have twisted bad guys who pose a real threat and I hope there's more to come!


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