Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Inverticrux's Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring Program (Album Review)

This six track album by Inverticrux titled "Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring Program" is as relentless as anything you're bound to hear in the metal genre. While I don't listen to much Satanic metal personally, I can honestly say that this is good. With songs like "Sin Be Thy Guide" and "Here Fades All Worldly Pleasure", it comes off completely sinister and compels you to nod your head as the guitar riffs and solos invade your ears. The vocals are a combination of harmony and harshness, as we hear some singing that's impressive and almost opera-like and some growling that sounds like it came from the pit of hell. Together the overall product makes for a headbanging medley that made me feel almost uneasy, but I really liked that about it. The sound is reminiscent of the band Ghost, but much more mean and aggressive.

Keep your eyes open for Inverticrux, because I'm sure you'll be seeing and hearing more of them in the future to come. I'm officially a fan. Good vocals, good guitar and drums, and all around good music.

And if it sounds like this music will suit you, be sure to check out Inverticrux's previous album titled "Virgin Reaper" (click link at top of post).

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