Saturday, July 26, 2014

'SEE NO EVIL 2' Cover & Trailer Revealed

Being completely honest, I think the first See No Evil movie was mediocre at best, and I am not a fan. But with the Soska Sisters (American Mary) directing this sequel, I've got some hope for it. Judging what I've seen in the official trailer released yesterday at Comic-Con, this one seems to have a much darker plot and definitely seems like something I could get into. It's a crazy thought, but with this and Leprechaun: Origins on the way, WWE Studios may have a firm grip on the horror genre for the better. That is of course, if both of these are actually as good as their trailers make them look.

See No Evil 2 will be available on Digital HD and VOD October 17th, and just four days later it hits Blu-ray and DVD on October 21st.



  1. I never really wanted to see the first See No Evil, but I'll probably be giving this one a go because of all the wonderful ladies involved - the Soskas, Danielle Harris, and Katharine Isabelle!

    1. The ladies PLUS the fact that the Soska's said that the kills are crazy original is what's got me pumped for it. You're probably best staying away from the first one unless you wanna catch up for this one!


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